Weekly media column version 10.11.13 — If you’re looking for a new skipper, go see Cal?

95591009_640What made it into this week’s media column:
An expanded version of the blog we did Thursday morning concerning TBS MLB analyst Cal Ripken Jr.

What didn’t make it in but really should have:
== More from our chat with Ripken on always thinking like a manager:

sns-faters-day-sports-figures-ripken-jpg“My dad, and Earl Weaver, told me to think about what you’d do in a situation and make a decision while it’s happening. If the manager takes a pitcher out, ask if you’d do the same. You get the benefit of having it play out if you agree, but if you disagree, you never know the results. But it’s always been a good mental exercise. So when I’m watching the Dodgers-Braves in Game 4, you have to pay attention to the bullpens. Do you stretch (Braves closer Craig) Kimbrel? You’d be tempted to do that. There’s all the lefty-righty matchups. Don (Mattingly) used all three lefties in one game, so you’re wondering who’d you bring in.
“In Game 4, a manager would be pinned down on his decision to use Clayton Kershaw on three days rest of there’ no Juan Uribe home run. ‘You only got six innings out of Kershaw?’ To me, the defense didn’t play that well, and if they did, and he pitched into the seventh and had success leaving with a 2-0 lead, then there’s a different story. You always run the risk of making decisions, but that’s why you have a great support staff. It’s not just a committee making a decision, it’s an organizational decision that ultimately falls on the manager in that case.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press

“In Game 2, Donnie’s decision was whether to pitch to (Jose) Constanza with first base open (in the seventh inning). Which matchup do you want? I believe it played out with Paco Rodriguez just how Donnie planned it (pitching to left-handed hitter Jason Heyward). There was a million ways to go there. I’d prefer to take that Costanza matchup with a power pitcher like Rodriguez and first base open, but Donnie knows his team way better than I do, and way better than anyone who covers the team. And he said so afterward: If it works, it’s a genius move. If not, there’s always criticism. You make decisions and live and die with them.
“I believe Don has always been a good baseball guy. He’s sitting in the hot seat now, the game speeds up, and you learn about yourself as a manager, just as you do when it happens and you’re a player. I think he delegates well and has different people with many different responsibilities. So it’s cool.”

== The rest of Fox’s ALCS team assignments, leading into the World Series:
The Colorado Rockies’ Michael Cuddyer has been added to the pregame show, still held down by the MLB Network team of Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds. They’ll also be joined via satellite by Eric Karros and Gabe Kapler from the Fox Sports Live set in L.A.

== We weren’t all that compelled to write much about the PGA of America’s new deal with NBC to keep the Ryder Cup (coming off the USGA’s deal with Fox to hand over the U.S. Open), but others are more into it.

== More on Magic Johnson’s proclamation that he’s got no more time for ESPN NBA studio chit chat when he’s trying to be the face of the Dodgers’ post-season run. His spot will be filled by Doris Burke, reports Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deistch.

== If you haven’t seen the A.J. Ellis MLB Net video … it doesn’t get old.

== Could a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series work for baseball? A Bleacher Report report (where apparently the lure of working there is they pay by the word).

== How Yasiel Puig destroyed a TBS camera (but not Craig Sager)

== How Dodger dumb do you have to be to read this?

== The Vin Scully chance to have him record a message for you on behalf of Autism Speaks is sold out (thankfully) at $299 a pop. (Would you care for Cher instead?)

== You seen our Los Angeles News Group Twitter account called “Translating Yasiel”? It’s aqui.

== We couldn’t have said it better ourselves sizing up why the Kings’ Bob Miller and Jim Fox make the arrival of the NHL season seem like a special time of year.

== Imitations of Gus Johnson isn’t the most sincerest form of flattery.

== Your TV guide for Week 6 of the NFL and Week 7 of college football.

== Why do West Coast prime-time games happen as a result of a fluke?  East Coasters can’t get over it. The NFL Network says it had a 1.7 rating and 2.5 million viewers for the Chargers-Raiders game that started at 8:30 p.m. local time in Oakland. That’s a huge drop from the 5.5 rating the network has been getting for Thursday night games. Which leads to this quote attributed to Pablo Torre during an ESPN “The Sports Reporters” show: “Inconvenient but consistent with what the NFL has long preached to players: Nothing good happens after midnight.”

== Could the Chargers’ Monday night encounter against Indianapolis be blacked out in San Diego? No “MNF” game has been blacked out in more than 13 years, but the Chargers earlier this week had more than 10,000 tickets short of a sellout. Atlanta was the last market to miss a Monday Night Football game when the Falcons couldn’t sell out its game against San Francisco on Jan. 3, 2000. Four of the Chargers’ eight home games were blacked out last regular season.

== If you spot Kenny Mayne on your ESPN “SportsCenter” next week, do not be alarmed. Mayne will be doing the late-night shows from the LA Live studios Monday through Friday, his first “SportsCenter” appearance since 2008. Mayne has Monday (11 p.m.), Wednesday and Thursday (10 p.m.) with Neil Everett, Tuesday (10 p.m.) with Stan Verrett, and Friday (10 p.m.) going solo.

== As for the reviews on whether “Frontline” will have an affect on the NFL’s concussion litigation based on its findings … the New York Times points out that ESPN pulling out of the project probably helped boost its interest.

== Why we’ve got to keep paying attention to how Comcast’s regional cable channel in Houston tries to go Chapter 11 and the Astros won’t let them.

== Norman Chad again points out the obvious but in a less-than-obvious way: Why the NFL on TV means you never have to go to a game. Ever.

== A Q and A with those Canadian chaps trying to get your attention on that Fox axillary cable venture.

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