Weekly media column version 10.25.13 — So Bruckheimer and I were talking about the days we used to sit way up in the Forum nosebleeds …

people_4The focus of this week’s sports media column:

From the blog post we had Thursday about the Kings’ latest multi-media/marketing campaign, which creatively pairs fans of the team — such as architect Frank Gehry and producer Jerry Bruckheimer — with players to talk about their common bonds.

Above, and below, are more video clips from that series on the Kings’ website.
“Years ago, we’d probably never consider taking a player out of uniform when we were still trying to get people to know that hockey was in L.A.,” said Kings VP of marketing Jonathan Lowe. “A player with a uniform hung over his shoulder would have been too risky. But it’s really just an evolution of our brand. Certain brands can do that. I think we’ve generated enough momentum in this market that we can finally look at something like this.”

The media notes also include a followup on Lee Corso’s embarrassment, Tim Howard’s EPL playing/broadcasting doubleheader and poorer IRL TV ratings after last Saturday’s finale in Fontana.

What could have been included but is relegated to this space:

corso1== The most enlightened piece written on the Corso-Seminole “black face” situation from last week’s ESPN “College GameDay,” from The Atlantic’s contributing editor Andrew Cohen.

== What did you learn from this GQ interview with Keith Olbermann? Much more than you could learn from this USA Today interview with Charissa Thompson.

== And much less than what you’ll most likely learn from an abbreviated version of the Sports Media Journal with Ken Fang and Keith Thibault on episode 169 of the Sports Media Weekly podcast. With me, as the abbreviated guest.

== The NFL TV lineup for Week 8, and the college football TV lineup for Week 9.

== Not sure if Sage Steele will do much about getting us to check out  ESPN’s “NBA Countdown” show, but we’ll pass the note on otherwise with some Mr. Fang’s interpretation.

== Why the ESPN guy who glosses himself “SVP” says he has no problem going to his alma mater and feeling like a celebrity, reports the Baltimore Sun.

== In case you missed some of the Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee pushback to his down-grading of Tiger Woods for Golf.com.

== Why Rachel Nichols thinks she’s most likely to be seeing her new CNN show “Unguarded” debuts tonight, 7:30 p.m., repated at 10:30 p.m.) at in airport waiting room setting. “Unguarded” will be guarded on the CNN lineup by “Crossfire” on the front side and “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” on the back end.

== Seems there’s no chance of Don Sutton coming to the Dodgers as a broadcaster any time soon as he signs back up to do Atlanta Braves radio games. Also note the Braves have a flagship station on both AM and FM bands.

== Fox, which once got the scriptwriters for “The Simpsons” to promote its Super Bowl coverage, will do the same for the 2014 World Cup with a synergy deal that is sure to show some stretch marks.

== The Houston Rockets finally show their hand in the bankruptcy case surrounding the little-seen Comcast Sports Net Houston.

== What Barry Tompkins, Al Bernstein and Jim Gray have been reduced to these days: Working a non-PPV fightcard for Showtime on Saturday that hypes 48-year-old Bernard Hopkins in a IBF light-heavyweight championship bout from Atlantic City, N.J. at 9 p.m. — delayed on the West Coast, of course.

== Something called “The Seth Davis Show” includes UCLA basketball coach Steve Alford when it launches Friday at 10:30 a.m. on   CampusInsiders.com.

== The Epix Channel, owned by movie studios Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM, available on Dish and Verizon FIOS, on some Cox and Charter systems but not still on DirecTV, has been showing the new documentary “Schooled: The Price Of College Sports,” as a way to draw some new audience numbers. The film is also on epixhd.com (watch it free with a 14-day trial) and iTunes. This review by Ed Sherman on TheShermanReport.com points out the irony in the film where former UCLA tailback Jonathan Franklin is playing a video game with a character in his likeness, knowing he’ll never see a dime of the game’s sales.

== As Tim McCarver winds down his Fox MLB career, at least as far as calling a “Game of the Week” and World Series package, this New York Times profile explains best what his value to the game has been over the years by those who have worked with him. And this MLB.com post (below) hits some of McCarver’s high notes over his broadcasting years:


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