What’s behind this “We Are All Kings” campaign? You are, in a large sense … and all your new, cool friends

Matt Greene, the Kings’ 30-year-old defenseman, shakes hands with Michael LaVere, an 88-year-old World War II veteran from West Hills, still able to fit into his Army first lieutenant uniform.

They’re about to have a conversation. But what could they possibly have in common?

“The missions I flew were quite dangerous,” the Brooklyn native LaVere explains as he looks up to the 6-foot-3 Greene towering above him. “There was about a 50 percent loss rate. But we survived.”

Watching this video on the team’s “Kings Vision” website link, here’s the part where you gulp.

“I guess it’s the same thing when you’re on the ice playing hockey,” the animated LaVere lightens the mood with a laugh.

“Ah, a lot different stakes,” a humbled Greene tries to counter.

“I mean, you can get hurt down there too, I know,” answers LeVere.

Read more on the Daily News website, linked here….


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