If the NFL had a team in L.A., of course the guys at L.A.-based Fox would be happy (unless it’s the Raiders)

la_postcardIn reaction to a story earlier this week where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he’d like a team in London as well as Los Angeles, but there’s no priority for one over the other, this was said on this morning’s “NFL on Fox” pregame show:

Terry Bradshaw: “This is the eighth game the NFL has played in London, spreading the international brand. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why we’re not spreading a little love out here to Los Angeles. Do you realize it has been 19 years since we last had a team here in the Los Angeles area? Why the NFL isn’t putting all their efforts into bringing a team out here – and don’t forget, the largest game in the history of the Super Bowl was in Los Angeles. The very first Super Bowl was in Los Angeles, and personally, my last Super Bowl was in Los Angeles (at the Pasadena Rose Bowl). It seems to me like the powers ought to get together and give a little thought to bringing in an NFL team. Howie’s Raiders’ economic struggles up in Oakland, the Rams’ stadium issues in St. Louis – viable alternatives to come back to the second-biggest city in this great country of ours, the United States.

Replied Howie Long: “Personally, I’m hopeful (the Raiders) stay in Oakland, but economically it’s tough.”

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