The story behind Rick Neuheisel’s latest song, “Ed O”

Neuheisel-300x168Rick Neuheisel’s multi-media career as a Pac-12 Network college football analyst may play out as far as his acoustic guitar will take him.

The former UCLA head coach has already composed tribute songs this season for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel (to the Marty Robbins’ classic “El Paso”) and one heralding the Southeastern Conference (to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”), debuting them on Dan Patrick’s syndicated radio show.

At the bequest of the Pac-12 Network, Neuheisel recorded his latest effort and had it posted Wednesday night, an ode to USC interim football coach Ed Orgeron called “Eddie O” (sung to the tune of the Harry Belafonte’s famous “Banana Boat Song,” highlighted by the “Day-O” lines).

Find it online at

“That was all in one take,” Neuheisel confirmed this afternoon.

The guitar strumming began mostly on Patrick’s show as a lark, but has evolved into something more of an expansion of the Weird Al Yankovic genre.

“I enjoy this role as a serious analyst in the studio, but it’s also a fun way to talk about what’s going on in another way,” said Neuheisel. “These songs just kind of happen. That USC victory over Stanford was one for the ages and the momentum following it was huge for that program.”

Meaning, if UCLA figures out a way to overcome Arizona State this weekend, USC next weekend and claim the Pac-12 championship in early December to clinch a Rose Bowl berth, it wouldn’t be below Neuheisel to create something as a tribute to his old team.

“Who knows what evil lurks,” he said. “This is what happens with idle hands. Myles Jack is worth a ditty, no question.”

Cue up the Ray Charles classic, “Hit the Road, Jack.”

Neuheisel is scheduled to appear on KSPN-AM (710) “Mason and Ireland” show Friday (at about 2:30 p.m.) and then go on KLAC-AM (570) for the “Petros and Money” show after that (3 to 7 p.m.)

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