One mOre way to lOOk at the prOs and cOns o’ COach O gOin’ fOrward

Coach O bodypaintPhoto credit: Kevin Tsukii/Neon Tommy

Holy moly, Coach O.
Now you’ve gone ahead and make a big o’ mess of things.

hi-res-7709910_crop_northOn an interim basis, you’ve made a permanent mark on the USC football program. And it’s become Pat Haden’s best-case scenario and worst nightmare possibly rolled into one.

The Trojans athletic director succeeded in short-term damage control. Now he’s got a long-term decision to make based on a whole lotta Ed Orgeron going around Southern California this holiday season.

Stanford v USCHaden calls Orgeron’s 6-1 fun run over the last two months “absolutely remarkable.” In the next breath, he says they’re “going to go through this process” and will take the time to make a “rational decision.”

If all this causes your blood to boil, take a test to see if you’re the type to go O-positive or O-negative here.

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