Did you get the memo? Fox Sports Radio lineup change is minus O’Brien, Hartman, Dibble, Van Dyken

UPDATED: Noon, today:

A memo sent out to some of the Sherman Oaks-based Fox Sports Radio gang laying out a new lineup for early 2014 has left Pat O’Brien, Steve Hartman, Rob Dibble and Amy Van Dyken without a place to call their show, according to several sources.

keep-calm-and-moving-on-12The national weekday rundown that will debut on Monday, Jan. 6 marks a notable change in the noon-to-3 p.m. slot, which O’Brien and Hartman have held for the last several years.

The “Fox Sports Primetime” slot “will be replaced by a new program to be announced shortly,” the memo said.

On Wednesday’s show, O’Brien was not on the air with Hartman, replaced by Lincoln Kennedy via a line from his home in Phoenix. Sources say O’Brien will not be on any longer going forward.

O’Brien’s shelf life at the station ended up just more than three years after trying to rebuild his sports media career.

Hartman, a fixture in L.A. sports radio since his days at KFOX-FM and XTRA-AM, said in an email: “I have had the longest uninterrupted run in So Cal sports radio history. Not bad for a former Raiders PR guy. I will stay on at Fox Sports Radio in some capacity past the first of the year but I’m talking to several people, both in radio and television, about future opportunities. I’ve been insanely lucky to have a vocation that is also my advocation. It was certainly time for a change and I can’t wait to find out what’s next.”

Whever Fox Sports Network does with that spot, KLAC-AM (570) in L.A. will go local programming in that window. Sources say Fred Roggin, the KNBC-Channel 4 longtime anchor who has been subbing in the station of late, will be hired fulltime for that spot.

Meanwhile, in the 3-to-7 p.m. national slot, Fox has moved Las Vegas-based John  “J.T. The Brick” Tournour, with partner Tomm Looney, from late nights to the earlier slot. But neither will be heard in L.A. because Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith, who had been national in that window for the last five years, stay in the same slot but will only be heard locally.

From 7-to-11 p.m., Fox national has replaced Dibble and Van Dyken with Jason Smith, who once held the overnight spot at ESPN Radio. On many nights in L.A. between April and October, that spot will often be filled by Dodgers games.

Fox’s national lineup will also move Ben Maller from weekends to weekdays in the 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. shift, followed by “Fox Sports Daybreak” with Andy Furman and Mike North from 3 to 6 a.m.

The new lineup keep Dan Patrick (6-to-9 a.m.) and Jay Mohr (9 a.m.-to-noon) in their usual spots.

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  • GodFatha702

    Why remove Petros and Money from the national Fox Sports Radio? They are hilarious, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

    • Gollum-Wolf

      They’re good but how anyone could say their LA themed schtick could play east of the IE in the first place is delusional.

      • ClipsFan

        Lotta transplant Dough-yer fans around the country. Will have to move to I Heart Radio to catch PMS now. Bummer.

        • Jordan Truppner

          Not a bummer, Iheart Radio is awesome

  • JustAPlayer

    O’Brien was just unlistenable. Ben Maller is close. A nice guy but “has opinions his talent cannot cash.” Petros and Money will be better off in a local spot rather than national. It was too LA-based for a national show. The same applies (East Coast-based) for the national ESPN hosts. Many of which are as bad as O’Brien.

  • LAsportsguy

    Finally Fox got rid of O’Brien! Wow, was he terrible and added nothing to the broadcast with Hartman. I hope Rogan does well and can I hope for Scott Van Pelt at some point??

  • TwiiiZzy

    That’s absolute BS, My name is Zach, I’m from a city near Nashville in Tennessee, Last year I was diagnosed with a Pituitary Brain Tumor, Doctor said I can’t leave the house much, work anymore, or even drive due to all my medications, a Brain Surgery, and 30 rpunds of Radiation…But every night I always looked forward to Rob and Amys’ show..I thought it was awesome how they always took tons of callers, and Just talked about more than sports, and for 3 hours a night it kind of took my mind off things…I truly enjoyed listening to their show and getting to call in..Its complete bull they took the best Radio hosts I’ve ever heard off the air

    • Rick Reeves

      Dibble and VanDyken were low level performers on the radio. Frequently rude to callers and displaying low level personalities. I remember VanDyken saying she would not even give a friendly greeting back toba fellow competitor at a swim meet. She bragged about it.

    • Tony Pardo

      TwiiiZxy it’s Fox Sports Radio…not talk about random bs that doesn’t matter..The two worst Fox broadcasters of all-time. …hands down

  • Leslie

    I’m going to miss Amy and Rob. If they move on I will def follow them. This sucks!

    • David

      I’m so with you! They made the show!

    • Jordan Truppner

      I’m not gonna miss them. She always loved to spew how mis treated she was as a kid, but would bash people left and right and ridicule people. What a bitch.

      • McIrish

        VanDyke is a bitch and Dibble is dumb as a donkey. POB and Hartman are both pompous windbags. See ya!

    • Tony Pardo

      Best thing to ever happen to Fox Sports Radio…Dibble & Van Dumb@$$ were terrible.

  • souvien

    Thank gawd JT and Looney will no longer be able to pollute the LA airwaves…tho the return of the crapulent Jason Smith lessons the enjoyment. Poor Hartman, career killed by being saddled with that has-been jackass POB…

    • Bob Marley

      I’m personally hoping that the KLAC feed they put The Artie Lange Show from 7pm-10pm and TMZ Sports (Currently airs 7pm-8pm) at 10pm-11pm then you get Ben Maller. I’m pretty sure the Dodgers are going to move to rival 710am KSPN after this season.

    • Rick Reeves

      i liked Hartman and OBrien..’s Show. I guess it’s karma for Pat’s treatment of Vic the Brick.

  • vik

    Big ben moving up in the world of fox radio. awesome.

    • Martin Monti

      he is a total hack

  • Cruzmssl

    The morning show was really bad with Artrell Hawkins but its actually worse now. North and Furman are 2 of the biggest idiots I’ve heard on the radio. They butcher the English language everyday..

    • neutron73

      No way. You cannot get worse than Artrell’s “if you’ve never played a down in the NFL, you can’t talk” crap he spewed every time his stupidity was shown.

      And Pat O’Brien was a jackass. It was always about him and who he knew and what he did with whoever famous person out there, he had nothing more than that. He forced off Vic the brick then saw off Mychal Thompson and before long, it was “Primetime with Pat O’Brien …oh and Steve Hartman.” If they didn’t get rid of him soon, it would have been all himself, and Hartman to the exit.

    • edshrinker

      LOUD + Dumb. Unlistenable. North should keep his “Superfans” schtick to the Chicaaaago market.

    • Hersson Preciado

      Could NOT agree with you more. I am just glad they are being hidden away from me who can’t/won’t listen in at that time.

  • edshrinker

    Pretty happy about this – except for losing Petros and Money. Though I simply have to do Iheartradio to hear them. They were too West Coast focused…at least Petros was. Dyken and Dibble was unlistenable as was O’Brien’s arrogance. Only one worse is Colin Cowherd (how does that arrogant ass still have a show?).
    Loved All Night with Jason Smith on ESPN. He certainly has a face for radio! Funny and knowledgeable…hope he can keep the Jets fanboy stuff in control. JT and Looney are ok, but I will find alternate options. Yahoo Sports ought to be trying to grab the market on that 7pm-10pm. Love to hear Steve Czaben in primetime. Ben Maller is just plain fun. Glad I can hear him more.

  • Jeronimo

    Being a Bruin fan I hated the fact that there was no local show to hear related topics about them. The lack of local local sports programming is killing KLAC. I am starting to listen more often to KSPN for local ( yes USC bias) sports info. Primetime on KLAC was actually pretty good show but went down quickly when Sam the producer left. AD Guererro please consider another media outlet for bruin sports after there contract expires.

  • Mark

    I listened to Dan Patrick and Rob and Amy now it will only be Dan Patrick. Can’t stand John Tournour the hack, Jason Smith, Mike North or Andy Furman as they are all just horrible. I would rather be stabbed in the eyes with a dull rusty knife than listen to Tournour, Smith, North or Furman. Foxsports1 sucks…..

  • HandsomeBlackCowboyBrad1953

    Right on,Big Ben,Justin Cooper,John the Beard,Bobo On The Radio!!!!Get lost,Rob “Dumb-A** Dibble and his bigoted Amazon partner/girlfriend Amy Van Duyken.
    (Do those two have a COMBINED 100 IQ? Can they SPELL,LET ALONE POSSESS,,IQs?) That means you folks can theoretically get FIVE “Cowboy’s Corners” a week rather than just two!!!!!!)

    • Jordan Truppner

      amen brotha, speaking to the choir

  • HandsomeBlackCowboyBrad1953

    Mark,don’t you mean “John Tournour the corrupt stock-

  • Ats

    I’ll miss Amy. She’s fantastic.

    • Tony Pardo

      You mam have no intelligence.

      • Ats

        Oh so if someone doesn’t agree with you they’re unintelligent? That proves you’re a moron. Everyone likes different hosts. It’s what suits each person. I don’t go around bashing ppl because they don’t agree with me on who I enjoy listening to. Grow up!

        • Tony Pardo

          Get over it…I can say what I want to say…Free country…Thank God the two idiots are off air.

  • HandsomeBlackCowboyBrad1953

    How ’bout giving 2013 “Ben Maller Show” Caller Of The Year Cowboy In Windsor,Ont.,Can. his own gig?(Or better yet,a TV gig,since I have it on REALLY GOOD AUTHORITY that he’s a black lad,60,with boyish good looks,said to look GREAT in cowboy duds and is related to such sports figures as Tony Dungy,Ferguson Jenkins,Reuben Mayes-former New Orleans Saints RB-former boxing referee Kenny Bayless,etc.?)

  • HandsomeBlackCowboyBrad1953

    Jackson is,after all,about 5’10”,182 lb.,or about an inch taller than I.(Also,seven years my senior and about 20 lb. lighter.)

  • chuck weiss

    Ever since Clear Channel and the likes took over AM radio, bad decisions have been the norm! They have destroyed the soul of radio! Try to enjoy, it’s on it’s last legs! Too bad, am radio use to be great!!!

  • Heywood Jablowme

    So I guess the LA 570 experiment in programming ends in failure. I will miss P&M, though.

    • Jordan Truppner

      You can still listen to them on 570 on iheartradio

  • El Duder Rino

    How stupid is the lineup change. Hartman & O’Brien gave you everything you wanted in Sports and Entertainment. It was a One Stop Show. I have listened to Hartman for over 20 years and he will be missed.
    I hope they get another show Together!

    Petros and Money are too LA and that’s how it should be, it lets everyone on the East Coast that LA is a Sports City and that Chano’s still has a broken drive up intercom. lol

    I like Jay Mohr but Jim Rome rocks and that’s why he left Fox Sports.

    I have to listen to music or news radio until 3pm PST. This sucks!!!

    • McIrish

      Dreaming. The only thing you got right was Jay Mohr. He is a keeper. Rome got old and all he ever did was read from his script. Sucked ass.

      • LoveFritzy

        Agree Rome is so overrated. And his entire show was totally scripted.

    • Jordan Truppner

      they have this great invention called the Internet where you can listen to other sports talk shows on I Heart Radio lol

  • ClipsFan

    PMS is the best, still miss the Loose Cannons, like Mallet, never enjoyed O’Brien, Dibble or Van Dyken, and wish North would go away.

    • Jordan Truppner

      fox am 950 on iheart radio

  • Soxes

    Thank you Fox for getting Brick and Looney off nights. Those two ego maniacs made it impossible for me to listen.
    Love Ben

  • Vick the Brick

    Bring back Vic the Brick

  • Fredex

    Thank God for the Tune In Radio App. Where you can still listen to Tom Leykis for free! Terrestrial Radio is DEAD!

  • Mary

    I miss Hartman!! Trying to listen now to replacements and just can’t do it. I’ve changed stations for that time slot (12-3)PST. Love Dan Patrick and P and M. That’s about it for 570

  • Patrick

    Wow…poor decision on Fox’s part. Pat & Steve are awesome…and Petros is pure genius. Cincinnati will miss their shows!

  • Aardvaek

    Fox has gone with a bunch of true losers, Mohr, J.T, Kennedy etc are all unlilstenable. You will regret this move.

  • Travis

    I’m personally glad van dyken is gone. Kept bragging about how rough her husband had it. He was a freaking punter, that wasn’t even that good. She thought she was better than anyone with a different opinion. Good riddance

    • Hank

      She was a RUDE and ignorant JERK!! Dibble was a washed-up big mouth!
      Glad they are gone!!

    • http://helpfulsolutions.org TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Just heard on the radio that Amy van Dyken is now paralyzed from an ATV accident that occurred 12 days ago. She had surgery which had a significant risk of killing her. She pulled through but her doctor doubts she’ll be able to walk again.

  • Solo_Calrissian

    I’m gonna miss Dibbs. Dude was real and fun to listen to.

  • Choto Baka

    Pat O’Brien down, one Vic Jacobs to go. Get rid of that poser and all will be well in my radio world.

  • Tony Pardo

    Dibble and Van Duke were complete jokes…it’s supposed to be sports radio..not talking about how much alcohol I’m about to drink or talking about dicks and vaginas…Nothing about the show was interesting..was just bad sports radio, and thankfully my ears have healed from all of the bullshit coming out of their mouths….P.S. JT and Looney are the best…They are the definition of what sports radio is supposed to be.

  • LoveFritzy

    Other than Dan Patrick, this station pretty much is ruined. The Steve Gorman show that replaced Hartman and POB is literally unlistenable! I’d rather hear POB name drop than this crap.

    P&M have never appealed to me. Petros has the most annoying voice and yells too much.

    I do enjoy The Blitz on Sundays with Looney and Maller.

    I feel bad for how Hartman has been treated. He deserves more respect than this. And poor VTB….he’s still barely hanging on to his job.

    Does anyone have a source for sports radio ratings? I’m curious if Fox has seen any improvement with this new line-up?

  • glsijhasljhzlrkgjhzrkgjhzskgjl

    omg this is tottaly fucking bullshit

  • Ats

    Dan Patrick is the best on Fox. Also like JT. For fun show Maller is really good as is Northy and Gorman & Gorman. Jeffrey is hysterical!

  • Ats

    Shows like Gorman and replacement for Amy & Rob are growing on me. Pretty good!

  • Red

    Pat O’Brien and Steve Hartman presented one of the most enjoyable and entertaining sports talk shows I have listened to. I hope they can land a gig on Satellite Radio – then I won’t have ANY reason to listen to Fox Sports Radio again. Being from Ohio, I have had to endure Andy Furman via Cincinnati radio FAR TO LONG. His ranting and raving is awful

  • Matthew Bragg

    THANKS Steve for being the bigger man on this issue…. I cant wait for the Slaub to lose it as he has in the past, oh I knew when Jim Rome left the #==% w show that changes were coming…. I like Matt but Pap is just lucky not good and half of his College football analysis have been wrong. HE is no football expert analyst and should go back to the film room. The a m slot with J Glazer what an idiot he is.

  • Ede cortez

    I could not stand pob since he got rid of Vic!!! I hated when he would talk down to him! Vic does funny and wacky things, which was cool with me! Bring Vic back with Hartman!

    Vic is awesome!

  • ChauDock

    FOX almost had it right! Dan Patrick, then Jay Mhor, then Steve Hartman, then PMS! Awesome lineup for So Cal! They only thing they needed to change was to get rid of POB. Just let Steve & Vic do that slot. Now, from 12-3, it’s PATHETIC! IT’s all good, at least we have John Ireland and Steve Mason on 710am

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    They should get rid of those two bozos North and Furball,whose combined IQ doesn’t total 75.(Plus,North is a known bigot,having been kicked to three or four
    stations’ curb for stereotyping minorities.

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Cruzmissl,I’ll be 61 July 6,and when I was coming up in the 50’s and 60’s here in Windsor,Ont.-across the border from Detroit-Furball and North would have attended speech therapy class to teach them elocution.Today,of course,those
    braying loudmouths are on radio stealing jobs from intelligent,opinionated people who’d add something rather than two annoying voices to the early morning airwaves!!!!

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Hawkins at least had THE PERFECT RADIO VOICE,but he was simply a jock masquerading as a talk show host,plus he spoke of beating his kids for misbehaviour.NICE!!!!!!!!STAY CLASSY,HAWK!!!!!

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    That popinjay,corrupt stockbroker Tounour (“J.T.the p***k) will be 49 Sunday,May 25.This pompous a**-clown has as much business on the radio as Donald Serling has heading Brotherhood Week.(The only “hood” Sterling should be in is a KKK hood!!!!)

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Oopps,make him,”Donald STERLING!!!!!!!”