Weekly media column version 01.31.14: Who’s more in tune with a NY Super Bowl, Carrie or Terry Bradshaw?

New Yorkers hate Joe Buck? Or, is the spoof above on FunnyOrDie.com just to chase everyone off the scent?

What made it into this week’s media column:

terry-bradshaw.001161174Terry Bradshaw puts himself in the middle of a Fox snowstorm — how dare he go counter to what the network hopes for the 48th Super Bowl? This isn’t a cushy L.A. studio shot any more, TB.
The only thing he seems to be apologizing for is not making it clear the game will be in New Jersey instead of New York.

What didn’t make it into the notebook, but could have:

== Bradshaw and Howie Long banter about their long Fox friendship in SI.com.

201401260016010078349== NBC says its research reveals 622,000 viewers tuned into last Saturday’s Kings-Ducks game from Dodger Stadium on NBC Sports Net, producing an otherwise unimpressive 0.35 household rating. In L.A., the rating was 2.38, the largest ever for a regular season NHL game in this market on that network. The peak of the telecast was the first half hour (7:30 to 8 p.m.) as the Ducks took a 2-0 lead (0.39 rating, 712,000 viewers). After L.A., the markets that tuned in most for the game were Buffalo (1.62), Phoenix (1.09) and Chicago (0.73).
Compare that to the 3.58 rating in the New York market (and 682,000 total viewers with a 0.47 rating) for Wednesday’s Rangers-Islanders game from Yankee Stadium. The Rangers-New Jersey Devils game on NBC played Sunday afternoon had a 1.3 national rating (the benefit of not being on NBC Sports Net) and a 5.1 rating in New York. Next up: Saturday, March 1 at 5 p.m. on NBC for the PIttsburgh-Chicago game from Soldier Field, following the Winter Olympics break.

== Erin Andrews reads her critics and admits “even the best get criticized.”

regis-philbin-fox-sports-1-crowd-goes-wild1== Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan decides to defend Regis Philbin at Rick Reilly’s expense, even if Regis doesn’t seem to care much about what Reilly said in the first place on ESPN. The NY Times, by the way, reports that Regis will take off the entire month of February and then come back to that show “The Crowd Goes Wild” on a very limited schedule.

== Was it such a great idea to have NBC’s Tony Dungy interview the Dolphins’ Jonathan Martin? Depends on your definition of a conflict of interest.

== Lolo Jones, the latest edition to the U.S. women’s Winter Olympic bobsled team, has been featured in a segment on NBC’s Nightly News and also was interviewed on the “Today Show,” but NBC execs say it’s “utterly ridiculous” and “preposterous” that the network had anything to do with her selection.

1101140210_600== The provocative cover Time magazine has gone with to feature the upcoming Winter Olympics:

== Last Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl on NBC had 11.4 million viewers, going up against the Grammy Awards in most of the country (except the West Coast). The 6.7 overnight rating was down 13 percent from a year ago, despite the increased competition. It’s also been pointed out: The 2013 MLB All Star game had 11 million viewers, and that’s a game that’s supposed to count.

== Former Miami Herald sports editor Edwin Pope will have his 47-game Super Bowl attendance streak snapped. Why? “No reason was given for Pope breaking his Super Bowl streak. Pope declined comment on not attending this year’s Super Bowl.”

== Want a more detailed rundown of Super Bowl Sunday? Check Jay Posner’s wack at it in the San Diego U-T.

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