Who’s who 50 years later: The Koufax-Kershaw connection continues

kershawWith all the comparisons made between Dodgers’ Cy Young Award winners Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax, maybe this one presents a tangible visual that links the current to the past.

Those of us who grew up awaiting the arrival of the “Who’s Who in Baseball” ink-drenched paperback that listed every current big-leaguers most basic of bios, complete with a year-to-year statistical breakdown (majors and minors) and then the list of lettered references to times spent on the disabled list along with transaction comments, it pretty much signaled the arrival of the season.

$T2eC16RHJGMFFpcQV,r(BSKTCTf0jg~~60_57Track down the latest issue of “Who’s Who” at the local newsstand, and flash back to the cover 50 years prior. Maybe this is what they mean by coming full circle.

To contrast and compare: They’ve kept basically the same type faces, spot color and size. It’s only gone up from 60 cents in 1964 to $9.95 — maybe because there are almost 275 more players to catalog.

It is still published by the Who’s Who in Baseball Magazine Co., in New York. What’s new for Who’s Who: It’s now available in digital form as an iTunes app for smart phones and iPads.

The last page of the current edition also trumpets the arrival of the 100th edition in 2015, allowing you to pre-order it now for $11.95. In stock are also copies from the 2000s decade ($35 each), most of the ’90s ($35) and ’80s ($70) and a few from the ’70s ($85).
This 1964 cover of Koufax comes via several eBay.com sales, some of which are buy it as-is for $19.95. One issue available goes back to 1940, the eighth edition, currently listed at $70.

This is the only year we can find with Koufax by himself on the cover in action; he shared the cover as a mugshot in ’66 and ’67 (a year after he retired). This is also the first time Kershaw is on the cover in full form. Don Drysdale was on the cover in 1960 with an extended mug shot, and full pitching form in 1963.

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