The $1 billion bracket has been revealed, and it’s free (you’re welcome)

3c36c3500a42bd60883a91e605ee594b3ab2c9f555c80ee14b96cdc2cbe7f667There are more than a bajillion reasons why you’ll never pick a perfect NCAA college basketball tournament.

It matters not how many blank bracket sheets you go through, or by what excavation methods you dig through Doug Gottlieb’s gobbly goop on TV.

But this year, there are a billion reasons why you’ve got at least make one half-cocked attempt at it.

buffettWarren Buffett, without putting his pinkie finger to the corner of his mouth, has put up $1 billion of his own cash (estimated net worth: $53.5 billion), betting that you can’t go to a legal loan shark’s website and produce a flawless forecast of how 63 games will play over the next few weeks.

The odds are stacked in his favor, as usual. Anyone attempting this feat with some willy-nilly strategy has a 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 of getting it right. And if you actually do know something about the sport, the odds are greatly reduced to 1 in 128 billion – or not as good as flipping a coin 37 times and having it come up heads in each instance.

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