Coming up: 30 baseball books during the 30 days of April, the 2014 edition

At, you can find these baseball bookends for just $62. Handmade.

At JosephWaltzArts of Woodland Hills, you can find these baseball bookends for just $62. Handmade.

It’s five years running now, this exercise in horsehide overload to review 30 newly released baseball books that come out each spring in time for the start of the new season.
A year ago, I tried to explain what this was all about to Ed Sherman of, which, in a slight moment of clarity, pretty much takes care of it from cover to cover. And this year, I’ll be covering a Sherman book, about Babe Ruth’s called shot, and the lengths he went to figure out if it was true, false or somewhere in between.
stack-of-booksThere has been some extenuating circumstances that may not allow me to go the distance on this thing — life sometimes gets in the way of what you think you’re able to pull off — but we’re going to do our best and see how far we go. If not a guaranteed full review, at the very least we will spotlight some of the books that may otherwise go under the wire (a Jerry Reuss’ autobiography, a bio of Walter O’Malley), go more in depth with some books that will likely get a lot of attention (Kostya Kennedy’s book on Pete Rose, “An American Dilemma”), and also spread in some Q-and-As with authors as well.
The official start of the big-league season reboots Sunday with the Dodgers’ game in San Diego. But for us, it all begins on April 1. With a book in our hands. Not a Nook.

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  • RC O’Leary

    Super ambitious project and I commend you. In the event you need any extra titles to get up to 30 could I propose my novel? It’s not solely about baseball, but baseball plays a significant role. the opening premise is “When a cop tries to arrest baseball’s home run king, one of them ends up on trial and the other ends up dead.” Available on Amazon and I’ve been fortunate that readers seem to find the book a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to your April reviews, thanks, RC O’Leary