Coming up: 30 baseball books during the 30 days of April, the 2014 edition

At, you can find these baseball bookends for just $62. Handmade.

At JosephWaltzArts of Woodland Hills, you can find these baseball bookends for just $62. Handmade.

It’s five years running now, this exercise in horsehide overload to review 30 newly released baseball books that come out each spring in time for the start of the new season.
A year ago, I tried to explain what this was all about to Ed Sherman of, which, in a slight moment of clarity, pretty much takes care of it from cover to cover. And this year, I’ll be covering a Sherman book, about Babe Ruth’s called shot, and the lengths he went to figure out if it was true, false or somewhere in between.
stack-of-booksThere has been some extenuating circumstances that may not allow me to go the distance on this thing — life sometimes gets in the way of what you think you’re able to pull off — but we’re going to do our best and see how far we go. If not a guaranteed full review, at the very least we will spotlight some of the books that may otherwise go under the wire (a Jerry Reuss’ autobiography, a bio of Walter O’Malley), go more in depth with some books that will likely get a lot of attention (Kostya Kennedy’s book on Pete Rose, “An American Dilemma”), and also spread in some Q-and-As with authors as well.
The official start of the big-league season reboots Sunday with the Dodgers’ game in San Diego. But for us, it all begins on April 1. With a book in our hands. Not a Nook.

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