A quick wrap of the 30 baseball books for April, 2014

4c9xXXncESorting out what we’ve sent out after day for the last month:

A long shelf life:
== “Babe Ruth’s Called Shot: The Myth and Mystery of Baseball’s Greatest Home Run” by Ed Sherman
== “Mover & Shaker: Walter O’Malley, the Dodgers, & Baseball’s Westward Expansion” by Andy McCue
== “Bigger Than The Game: Restitching a Major League Life” by Dirk Hayhurst
== “Up, Up & Away: The Kid, The Hawk, Rock, Vladi, Pedro, Le Grand Orange, Youppi! The Crazy Business of Baseball, & the Ill-Fated but Unforgettable Montreal Expos” by  Jonah Keri
== “Throwback: A Big-League Catcher Tells How the Game is Really Played” by Jason Kendall, with Lee Judge
== “Nolan Ryan: The Making of a Pitcher” by Rob Goldman

Going yard:
== “Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life in the Minor Leagues of Baseball” by John Feinstein
== “Brooks: The Biography of Brooks Robinson” by Doug Wilson
== “Nine Bucks A Pound” by James Bailey
== “How Baseball Explains America” by Hal Bodley

Extra-base hits:
== “Bring In the Right-Hander!: My Twenty-Two Years in the Major Leagues” by Jerry Reuss
== “Jackie & Campy: The Untold Story of Their Rocky Relationship and the Breaking of Baseball’s Color Line” by William C. Kashatus
== “Stars and Strikes: Baseball and America in the Bicentennial Summer of ’76″ by Dan Epstein
== “1954: The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball Forever” by Bill Madden

Those books we either did not get to, arrived too late to review, or we know are out there but have not seen them:

dwdex== “If You Build It … A book about Fathers, Fate and Field of Dreams” self-published by Dwier Brown (who played Kevin Costner’s dad in the last scene of the ‘Field of Dreams’ movie)
== “Big Red: Baseball, Fatherhood, and My Life in the Big Red Machine,” by Ken Griffey
== “The Great Eight: The 1975 Cincinnati Reds,” by the Society for American Baseball Research and Mark Armour
==  “The Sabermetric Revolution: Assessing the Growth of Analytics in Baseball,” by Benjamin Baumer and Andrew Zimbalist
== “Pitching to the Pennant: The 1954 Cleveland Indians,” by the Society for American Baseball Research and Joseph Wancho
== “Winning Fantasy Baseball: Secret Strategies of a Nine-Time National Champion,” by Larry Schechter
== “Wild Pitches: Rumblings, Grumblings, and Reflections on the Game I Love,” by Jayson Stark
dempseyx== “Rick Dempsey’s Caught Stealing: Unbelievable Stories From a Lifetime of Baseball” by Jonathon Schaech (did not even know it existed until a belated Internet search stumbled on it)
== “Johnny Evers: A Baseball Life” by Dennis Snelling
== “Turning the Black Sox White: The Misunderstood Legacy of Charles A. Comiskey,” by Tim Hornbaker
== “The Closer” by Mariano Rivera with Wayne Coffey
== “Facing Mariano Rivera: Players Recall the Greatest Relief Pitcher Who Ever Lived,” by David Fischer
== “Don’t Let Us Win Tonight: An Oral History of the 2004 Boston Red Sox’s Impossible Playoff Run,” by Allan Wood and Bill Nowlin
== “Dominican Baseball: New Pride, Old Prejudice,” by Alan Klein
== “Pitching to the Pennant: The 1954 Cleveland Indians,” by the Society for American Baseball Research and Joseph Wancho
== “Jesus and Red Sox Nation: How the Story of the Red Sox Fits in the Bigger Story of Life,” by Michael Laird
== “The Days of Wee Willie, Old Cy and Baseball War: Scenes from the Dawn of the Deadball Era, 1900-1903,” by Chuck Kimberly
== “Bill Giles and Baseball,” by John B. Lord
== “Baseball’s Greatest Controversies: Rhubarbs, Hoaxes, Blown Calls, Ruthian Myths, Managers’ Miscues and Front-Office Flops,” by John G. Robertson
== “Joe Quinn Among the Rowdies: The Life of Baseball’s Honest Australian,”  by Rochelle Llewlyn Nicholls

== “The 34-Ton Bat: The Story of Baseball as Told Through Bobbleheads, Cracker Jacks, Jockstraps, Eye Black, and 375 Other Strange and Unforgettable Objects” by Steve Rushin — technically, we could have snuck this into the list, but it came out last October. A review by the Wall Street Journal.

== “Inventing Baseball Heroes: Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, and the Sporting Press in America” by Amber Roessner (due out in June)
== “Tom Candiotti: A Life of Knuckleballs,” by K.P. Wee (due out in June)
== “The Set-Up Men: Race, Culture, and Resistance in Black Baseball,” by Sarah L Trembanis (due out in July)
== “Miracle at Fenway: The Inside Story of the Boston Red Sox 2004 Championship Season,” by Saul Wisnia (due out in July)

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