Weekly media column version 05.02.14 — A Sterling performance by the ‘new’ media, with TMZ (too much zeal) behind it

DonSterlingAndGFWhat’s in this week’s media column (linked here):
The mainstream media reporting for years on Donald Sterling’s attitudes toward minorities couldn’t have been more detailed. So why the reaction now to an audio tape with perhaps dubious connections? We’re trying to make sense of that in this week’s media column.
Also more on the Clippers’ TV ratings during the playoffs since the story broke, could the Clippers fit well into the Dodgers’ SportsNet L.A. programming some day, why would the WNBA Sparks’ new ownership (Magic, that’s you) decide to drop Larry Burnett as the play-by-play man for TWC SportsNet just a couple weeks before the season starts, and how NBC plans to cover the Kentucky Derby with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir riding shotgun.

What could have but will have to learn to live here:

== Some key lines from L.A. Times’ Bill Dwyer’s column earlier this week related to the Donald Sterling story: “Journalism is drowning under the volume of reactive rants. The old saying that whoever dies with the most toys wins has now been replaced by whoever shouts the loudest. That being said, every bit of media noise and public anger — every statement of dismay and distrust made by anyone with a keyboard or a microphone, every written and broadcast rant — is justified in this one…. Whether Sterling was taped legally isn’t clear, but in this case score one for the new journalism of getting the story out there first and thinking about it later.”

== Some links provided by SI.com’s Richard Deitsch related to the Sterling story:
= ESPN.com’s Peter Keating  2009 profile on Sterling and his enterprises.
= A Deadspin guide to Sterling’s comments over the years.

== Via Ed Sherman’s ShermanReport.com comes two more links to Sterling-related analysis:
= A Brian Curtis piece on Grantland.com on mainstream media coverage.
= A Phil Barber piece in the Santa Rose Press Democrat on the social media coverage.

== TNT reporter David Aldridge had his own emotional, personal take on the Sterling story before Tuesday’s Game 6 coverage.

== ESPN announced a partnership with  LA2015, the Organizing Committee for the 2015 Special Olympics World, as the official broadcaster of the event that begins July 25, 2015. The world’s largest sports and humanitarian event, staged in several locations through Southern California, gives ESPN the rights to carry the opening and closing ceremonies from the Coliseum, daily competition and other events. ESPN will produce the opening ceremonies and highlight programs, with KABC-Channel 7 playing a role as well. ESPN president John Skipper said in a release: “This agreement reflects our belief in sport as a powerful vehicle to showcase and promote acceptance and inclusion. We are very proud of our long relationship with Special Olympics and our commitment to highlight the power of sport to positively impact people of all ability levels.”

reg== Fox Sports 1’s “The Crowd Goes Wild” has finally gone the way of the “Best Damn Sports Show Period.” Who saw that coming? Or who really cared about it in the first place? Dumping a signature show in such sweet sorrowfulness.

== What else is there to know about Dan Patrick and a Sports Jeopardy show? Here, as well.

== AwfulAnnouncing.com’s reader poll ranking the 30 MLB broadcast teams leads to some interesting observations — Rex Hudler isn’t going over all that well in Kansas City for some reason, Dick Enberg gets some respect, the Angels’ Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza make the top 10, and Vin Scully is No. 2 — included with Charley Steiner and Orel Hershiser, both listed as play-by-play men. So take the poll for what it’s worth, even if Steiner/Hershiser have been heard only in exhibition games and get their first real week together on the current road trip.

== CBS Sports Net started a 15-game Minor League Baseball package on Thursday to begin carrying Triple-A games, with the opportunity to flex into games that include appearances by MLB players making rehab appearances. Included in the initial schedule is the Dodgers’ Triple-A Albuquerque affiliate at Fresno on May 15 at 7 p.m.

850907310== No apology necessary for editor of The Oklahoman paper for referring to Kevin Durant as “Mr. Unreliable.” But they did it anyway.

== Rolling Stone magazine, during a profile of ESPN’s Bill Simmons as a ‘failed newspaper writer,’  has Simmons describe himself: “I’m part historian, part know-it-all, and part shit-stirrer. I don’t hold back – that’s the key.”

== ESPN’s three Game 6 airings of the NBA playoffs carried Friday (Toronto-Brooklyn at 4 p.m. on ESPN2, San Antonio-Dallas on ESPN at 5 p.m., and Houston-Portland on ESPN at 7:30 p.m.) is preceded by Michelle Beadle sitting in for Sage Steele on “NBA Countdown” with Doug Collins, Jalen Rose and Simmons. The network says Steele has “previous commitments” this weekend.

== Does AT&T have a shot of buying out DirecTV and perhaps speeding up the process to carry SportsNet LA?

== Is Twitter going the way of MySpace?

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