Media column version 08.08.14 — Why would KFWB switch to all-sports now? When in Rome …

KFWB1984Southern California proper probably needs another all-sports radio station like the ozone layer needs another hole.
That said, go fetch an umbrella. The unbearable barometric conditions could get weird again. Cloudy with a chance of more meatball opinions pelting down upon us.
Even if KFWB-AM (980) continues to position itself for a morph into what would be the fourth sports-centric station in these parts starting Sept. 1, that shouldn’t translate that into a situation where the sky is falling. The residual effect of this potential hybrid national lineup from the CBS and NBC sports radio networks is that Jim Rome stands to finally have an L.A. radio base again.
Here’s more of Friday’s media column ….

Other notable notes:

== How Dan LeBatard got a four-day weekend from ESPN without giving away another Hall of Fame ballot.

snl_1657_11_Update_JAY== Falling forward: With Stephen A. Smith back from “vacation” on some show that ESPN continues to air called “First Take,” it was anounced Thursday that ESPN and SiriusXM will put “The Stephen A. Smith Show” on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, Channel 85, starting Sept. 2 at 10 a.m., emanating from Bristol, Conn.

stephen-a-smith-faces-cropped_display_image== Please read the conclusions drawn about today’s quick-to-react media and how thoughtful discourse is compromised in this Aug. 3 column by the New York Times’ Bill Rhoden under the headline: “Stumbling Along in the Race to Be Provocative –Stephen A. Smith’s Comments on Ray Rice Illustrate Problematic Trend in Media Commentary”.
Rhoden writes in part: “When will all of this end? When consumers want it to end. For all the focus on the individuals who create the outrage, the reality is that the histrionics are intended not as much to facilitate debate as to draw, and keep, fans. As competition has escalated, news media outlets have become increasingly obsessed with their audience numbers. We want your eyes, your ears, your wallets. And what does the audience want? Debate? Diatribe? Outrageous behavior?
“Heated debates around polarizing figures and polarizing quotations make for good copy and great TV. But do they lead to positive change? The scandal surrounding Donald Sterling, the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner, who was secretly recorded making racist comments, brought up a wide range of captivating issues, including blacks working in a team’s front office and players exercising greater influence in team affairs. But has anything really changed?
“If there is a lesson to be learned from the spate of suspensions, it’s that in our zeal to tap new markets and attract new readers, viewers and listeners, we relinquish a sliver of our conscience and our responsibility to at least try to create order out of chaos.
“As we chase dollars, we make progressively less sense.”

This comes a couple of days after ESPN Ombudsman Bob Lipstye did his regular posting about the perils of “embrace debate.”

== For those who missed Vin Scully imitating an umpire taking a foul ball in the sweet spot from Monday’s Dodgers-Angels game. And for those who think a petition will get Fox to allow Scully to call the 2015 All-Star game and World Series.

BuCiDauCYAASjOT.jpg large== Don’t recall much on the TBS broadcast of the Angels-Rays game last Sunday following up on the passing the day before of Pete Van Wieren. A TBS spokesman points out that they did a full-screen graphic in the top of the 7th with Pete’s headshot and play-by-play announcer Brian Anderson acknowledged his passing. Following the game, TBS ran a two-minute package chronicling his career with notable highlights and memorable calls.

== While HBO revvs up its newest “Hard Knocks” reality show featuring the Atlanta Falcons , consider your Los Angeles Kiss. They may have finished their inaugural Arena Football League season recently with a 3-15 mark and losing their last six in a row, but as a reality show fodder, we’ll see how they fare any better with a new 10-episode AMC series, “4th and Loud,” that launches Tuesday at 9 p.m. (or 6 p.m. on DirecTV Channel 254) with many repeats. It’s promoted as a place where “rock n’ roll and sports collide as two of entertainment’s biggest showmen try to once again break all the rules.” The production company, Thinkfactory Media, previously did the show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.”

= If Ted Lasso really was part of the NBC coverage of the Premiere League, we might be more compelled to set the DVR.

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  • JustAPlayer

    Even most of the advertisers do not exist any more from the 1984 Olympic ad.

  • Duarte_Road

    From Tom’s media article … “Smart, too, would be to cultivate a live, local sports show from 6-to-9 a.m. leading into Rome, in an attempt to draw L.A.-centric listeners.”

    Amen. But it makes too much sense so therefore it won’t happen.