Media column version 08.15.14: How Ted Lasso loosens up the lackadaisical U.S. soccer folk

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We’ve not seen the last of Ted Lasso.
The Jason Sudeikis characterization of a former U.S. football coach who tries to revolutionize the English Premiere League has been expanded into a new NBC Sports marketing vehicle as the network’s coverage of the sport ramps up again on Saturday. We’ll look at what’s behind the campaign with some of Lasso’s “punditry” and how it continues to draw attention in this week’s column.

What could have been in there but will be more than happy to just exist here instead:

nbc-epl-topps== Don’t let your mom throw these away: Topps trading card company has partnered with NBC Sports to do a card package of EPL commentators. The “Season Starter Kits” have cards for Ted Lasso, as well as Arlo White, Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle, Kyle Martino and Robbie Mustoe.

== Also note that NBC has snatched the “Men in Blazers” show featuring Michael Davies and Roger Bennett, who started popping up during ESPN’s World Cup coverage earlier in the summer. The two will have a weekly Monday night show on NBCSN.

= Jimmy Fallon makes fun of PGA Tour golfers. The Tour make fun of him back. And before you know it, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are booked on “The Tonight Show” on Monday night.

== Pardon the interruption, but an all-female sports show is apparently in the works on CBS Sports Net?

== CSN Houston is about to get a new name — Root Sports Houston, co-owned by DirecTV and AT&T, after the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets and Comcast couldn’t make it work. DirecTV also has Root Sports affiliates in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Denver.

== Five delayed broadcasts of games involving the Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate in Albuquerque will make their way onto the SportsNet L.A. schedule, starting with the Isotopes’ contest against Memphis on Friday (and airing on SNLA on Sunday at 11 p.m.). Five of Albuquerque’s last 12 games are included in this agreement. The games will come via, with Josh Suchon, the former “DodgerTalk” co-host and current Isotopes broadcaster, doing the play-by-play.

== Nomar Garciaparra exits from his Dodgers SportsNet L.A. appearances to join Karl Ravech and Barry Larkin for ABC’s coverage of Little League World Series games in Williamsport, Pa.,on Saturday and Sunday (both at 11 a.m., Channel 7), and then circles back for the title game on Sunday, Aug. 24, after the U.S. and International championship games on Aug. 23.

== Another reason to consider a switch to Time Warner Cable, if you’re so inclined: It not only has the Pac-12 national network (369) and the Pac-12 Los Angeles regional channel (370), it has added to the sports pass service: Pac-12 Arizona (371), Pac-12 Washington (372), Pac-12 Oregon (373), Pac-12 Mountain (374) and Pac-12 Bay Area (375).

== Dave Pearson, the Dodgers’ longtime chef who handles all the needs of those who enter the Dodger Stadium press box, will be featured in an episode of “My Grandmother’s Ravioli With Mo Rocca” on Wednesday (5 p.m., Cooking Channel). Pearson, 75, has been with the organization for the last 50 years.

== As ESPN’s coverage of the Little League World Series launches again this weekend, ESPN’s launches a new mini-documentary called “Kid Danny” on the life of Danny Almonte, who in 2001 was the toast of New York after pitching his team to the World Series before it was revealed in a Sports Illustrated investigation that he was two years older than the 12-year-old limit. Almonte recounts that time and what has happened to him since then. The most interesting aspect may be to watch how the New York media, along with ESPN hyperbole, helped create this nation-wide attention as the story of the “Baby Bombers” unfolds — and does not even end with a U.S. championship in the 2001 series, but more of a media mob scene as the allegations of his age discrepancy advances.

== Max Kellerman is supposed to return from a one-week suspension, because this “inappropriate conversation.” And Dan LeBatard has a new perspective on taking sides in a sports-related argument, relative to ESPN suspending him last week and all the support he received afterward.

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