Media column version 09.12.14 — Trying to elevate the Ray Rice/Roger Goodell story past ‘drowning in reaction to reaction’

An editorial cartoon response from the Arizona Republic's xxxx to the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

An editorial cartoon response from the Arizona Republic’s Steve Benson to the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

What made it in this week (linked here):
Why the opinions of those women who cover the NFL for a living matter in the Ray Rice/Roger Goodell narrative, and why we decided to seek out ESPN’s Linda Cohn, Fox’s Colleen Dominguez, NBC’s Michele Tafoya and CBS’ Lesley Visser to see how they have filtered the information out there this week.
For example: What about theangle that this story would not have gotten nearly as much play without social media.
“Some may say that a story like this is just was social networking was made for,” said Cohn. “But what are we doing here? I feel like we’re drowning in reaction to reaction, and it feels awful.
“We seem to be obsessed about Roger Goodell’s role and make sure people like Paul George apologize, but we’re not getting to the root of the bigger issues here. There is so much lack of education on this topic. That’s what is more disconcerting to me.”

What didn’t make it into this week’s column:

Illustration by Sam Manchester/The New York Times

Illustration by Sam Manchester/The New York Times

More related to the Ray Rice story:
== Peter King is sorry
== Floyd Mayweather Jr. is sorry
== Paul George is sorry
== Ted Robinson is sorry
We’re sorry you had to hear Chris Berman try to call an NFL game again, while trying to add social commentary.
== You’re going to nominate TMZ for a Pulitzer when it refers to the commissioner of the NFL as “Rodger Goodell”?
== Is TMZ really fool-proof in its body of work of reporting?
== Is showing the TMZ video over and over again really doing good journalism?
== It wouldn’t be full coverage unless “Fox and Friends” chimed in. Inappropriately.
== How the story brought ESPN’s Mark Schlereth to tears.
== A San Diego UT editorial opened their eyes on the matter, and the impact of a visual over written words is always a winner, writes the Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik:  “We know what we saw. We saw an ugly, horrible act that someone tried to keep hidden in darkness. And now, thanks to TMZ bringing it to light, we believe that we know who and what Ray Rice really is behind all the PR, lawyering and image-making of the Ravens and the NFL. TMZ’s video won the credibility war over Rice’s image.”
== Why the Rice video changed a Washington Post columnist’s view compared to her criticizing the media over its Rihnanna coverage years ago.
== David Zirin’s piece from The Nation on the re-victimization of Mrs. Rice.

What also could have been included but will just have to be content with its placement here:

== Look at all of Bob Miller’s friends hanging out with the Stanley Cup. Again.

== Gus Johnson, Charles Davis and Molly McGrath handle the Fox coverage of UCLA-Texas (Saturday, 5 p.m., Channel 11)

== Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge have ESPN’s call of USC-Boston College (Saturday, 5 p.m.)

== ESPN “College GameDay” trips back to Fargo, N.D., on Saturday AM before Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit jet out to call the Tennessee-Oklahoma game (5 p.m., Channel 7)

== Marc Kestecher, Fran Fraschilla and reporter Marc Stein have the FIBA World Cup final on Sunday, with the U.S. facing either France or Serbia (noon, ESPN2)

== The Beast 980, which is how the new all-sports format at KFWB-AM will be branding itself, has officially named Fred Roggin the noon-to-3 p.m. host, and the KNBC-Channel 4 sports anchor has been doing on-air promos that are vague as to when the official switch over will finally happen. The unfortunate part to this puzzle is Roggin will knock out the Doug Gottlieb show that’s currently on KFWB as part of the CBS Radio package that includes Jim Rome’s 9 a.m.-to-noon show.

== Even ESPN ombudsman Bob Lipsyte gets a mixed message when trying to ask about why certain network on-air folk get punished with suspensions, and why others can just apologize and move on.

== As long as everyone else is slamming the NFL, why not let the head of the FCC lash out at the league’s blackout policy in a USA Today op-ed piece. The FCC is supposed to vote on the matter at the end of this month.

== A post on the Twitter account of Sons Of Steve Garvey (@sosgsosg): “Free idea (but I still want credit): Cut Vin’s in-game stories into a podcast and release it the day after a game.” So that, those of us without TWC could have heard him talk about the day as a 13-year-old when he met Babe Ruth.

== A Scully interview with commissioner Bud Selig will make it on SportsNet L.A. after the Dodgers-Giants game coverage Sunday afternoon. A clip preview here.

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