Thanks again, TWC and the Dodgers, for reminding us about just how little you care

7113c85e0fe01f3482bde6a7a0a61a4dIf the Dodgers are in the business of scrambling to do a little good will hunting during the last two weeks of the season, the announcement made by Time Warner Cable this morning that it has suddenly figured out a way to simulcast the team’s final six home games from its SportsNet L.A. feed to KDOC-Channel 56 between Sept. 22-28 could not be a more empty, condescending gesture.

Dodger fans should be considering another kind of gesture in reply.

Here’s more where that came from …




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  • avjagfan

    Having missed two no-hitters and last weekend’s triumph over the Giants (the GIANTS!) this fan since 1958 has been thoroughly disillusioned and disgusted. Even McCourt didn’t do this to us. It is right and just for you to call out the Dodger for this sop to our indignance.