Where art thou, MLB Net? Battle-fatigued Dodgers viewers are already asking

453There’s enough angst in a Dodgers fans’ world just trying to re-remember where Fox Sports 1 was put on their TV machine so they can see Game 1 of the NLDS against the Cardinals on Friday. But come Saturday, the search could get more dicey as Game 2 will appear exclusively on the MLB Network.

64f8f5403f9ab129ff7f7a2157440c1aMaybe you have yet to crack this code. The channel is there, somewhere, on your remote. You may just not know it, or, perhaps, may have to upgrade your monthly cable bill to get it.

As part of this year’s baseball post-season arrangement, the league-owned channel decided to keep two division series games to itself. That’s also what it did in 2012 and ’13. Now, all of the sudden, it matters more, because they’ve tagged the Dodgers, the largest TV market among all post-season teams involved.

The MLB Network has a website — www.FindMLBNetwork.com — to make things more clear about where to find the channel. For a more detailed approach:

= AT&T U-verse: MLB Network is available in the “U300” package or higher — Channel 634 (standard def) and 1634 (high def). Contact: (800) 288-2020 or www.att.com/uverse

= Bright House (in L.A., Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Santa Barbara): Channel 111 (standard) or 1111 (high def). Contact: (800) 734-4615 or www.brighthouse.com.

= Charter (in L.A., Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara): On Basic (“Select”) package or higher, channels vary by market. Contact: (888) 438-2427 or www.charter.com

= Comcast (in L.A. and Santa Barbara): On “Digital Preferred” package or higher, chanels vary by market. Contact: (800) 934-6489 or www.comcast.com

= Cox (in L.A., Palos Verdes, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Las Vegas): On Digital Basic package or higher, channels vary by market. Contact: (877) 206-4210 or www.cox.com.

= DirecTV:  On “Choice” package or higher, Channel 213 (standard and high def). Contact: (888) 777-2454 or www.directv.com

= DISH Network: On  “AT 200” package or higher, Channel 152 (standard and high def). Contact: (800) 823-4929 or www.dish.com

= Time Warner Cable (In L.A., Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara): On Digital Basic package or higher. Channel varies by market. Contact: (800) 431-8878 or www.timewarnercable.com

=  Verizon FiOS (in L.A. and Palm Springs): On Extreme HD or higher, Channel 86 (standard) and 586 (high def). Contact: (888) 591-6075 or  www.verizonfios.com

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