A post script to the story about a priest, a USC jacket and the old begging for forgiveness ploy after you don’t ask for permission

Maybe you remember the story I did a year ago about having to throw my own Hail Mary shopping spree in an effort to do an end around with Fr. Tom Kelly, after I gave away this USC jacket that he had bestowed upon me a while back. The story from Nov. 30, 2013 is linked here.
So here’s the postscript:
IMG_2674Fr. Tom was in town last weekend — for Saturday’s USC-Notre Dame game, of course. We caught up for breakfast in Manhattan Beach the next morning, and he said he had something for me. It was a program from the Trojan-Irish game. But then he had something else.
Another USC jacket.
“I can’t promise you I won’t be wearing it some day and a homeless person may need it more than I will,” I warned him as he gave me another shot at redemption.
“I know you’ll do what’s best,” he said. “But it’d be nice to see you wearing that next time we get together for Christmas.”
So that’s where it stands. And here’s a picture of me wearing it, as proof, just in case it gets away from me between now and Dec. 25.
The one thing I forgot to ask him before he returned to Vandenberg Air Force Base: Where did you buy this anyway?


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