Ranking the L.A. sports media best and worst … do we dare? Here’s the SoCal Sports Broadcasters’ cheat sheet

Microphone-GuyMonday’s 24th edition of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters is set for Monday at Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake. You can actually attend if you come up with the $75 at the door. Just dress appropriately.

The annual awards given out — cover your screen if you want to be surprised — include inducting USC’s Pete Arbogast in to the SCSB Hall of Fame, giving L.A. Times columnist and former sports editor Bill Dwyer the President’s Award, noting “Outstanding Achievement” by the Kings, Galaxy, Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout, handing Ned Colletti a “Special Achievement” honor and bestowing a “Prep Sports Award” to Barry McKeever.

Then come the other categories that must be exhausted with more trophy giveaways. Who, pray tell, will win ….

For radio play-by-play (named after Chick Hearn), the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Pete Arbogast, USC football (710 KSPN)
Steve Carroll, Ducks (830 KLAA)
Chris Fisher, USC basketball (710 KSPN)
John Ireland, Lakers (710 KSPN)
Nick Nickson, Kings (1150 KTLK/790 KABC)
Chris Roberts, UCLA basketball and football (570 KLAC)
Vin Scully, Dodgers (570 KLAC)
Brian Seimen, Clippers (980 KFWB)
Terry Smith, Angels (830 AM)
Charlie Steiner, Dodgers (570 KLAC)
The probable winner: Scully. Even at three innings a pop on a simulcast, the voters can’t deny his greatness. He’s won this category 16 times already, including last year. The only thing preventing it is internal rules that prohibit this repeat — meaning if someone has won this three years in a row, they aren’t eligible.

For TV play-by-play, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
John Ahlers, Ducks (Prime Ticket)
Ralph Lawler, Clippers (Prime Ticket)
Bill Macdonald, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Bob Miller, Kings (Fox Sports West)
Mark Rogondino, high school football/Big West basketball (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
Victor Rojas, Angels (FSW)
Randy Rosenbloom, high school sports (LA36)
Vin Scully, Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
Charley Steiner, Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
Joe Tutino, Galaxy (TWC SportsNet)
Jim Watson, Sparks (TWC SportsNet)
The probable winner: Scully. He captured it for the 12th time last year. But then again, did anyone really see his TV work this season? Oh, the irony.

For radio color commentary, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Wayne Cook, UCLA football (570 KLAC)
Daryl Evans, Kings (1150 KTLK/790 KABC)
John Jackson, USC football (710 KSPN)
Isaac Lowenkron, Clippers (980 KFWB)
Rick Monday, Dodgers (570 KLAC)
Jordan Moore, USC basketball (710 KSPN)
Jose Mota, Angels (830 KLAA)
Tracy Murray, UCLA basketball (570 KLAC)
Matt Stevens, UCLA football (570 KLAC)
Mychal Thompson, Lakers (710 KSPN)
Dan Wood, Ducks (830 KLAA)
The probable winner: Thompson took it a year ago for some reason. Stevens, Jackson and Evans have every reason to believe they’re in the discussion. Kevin Kennedy, added to the Dodgers’ radio road games, would have been nice to include here. Leaving Mark Langston for his work on the Angels 830 is kind of obvious, too. But most should be OK with that oversight.

For TV color commentary, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Jarron Collins, Sparks (TWC SportsNet)
Alex Curry, Kings sidelines (Fox Sports West)
Jim Fox, Kings (Fox Sports West)
Mark Gubicza, Angels (Fox Sports West)
Brian Hayward, Ducks (Prime Ticket)
Orel Hershiser, Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
John Jackson, high school football (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
Cobi Jones, Galaxy (TWC SportsNet)
Stu Lantz, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Don MacLean, Clippers (Prime Ticket)
Corey Maggete, Big West basketball (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
Dave Markas, high school (LA36)
Mary Murphy, Sparks (TWC SportsNet)
Kristina Pink, Clippers sidelines (Prime Ticket)
Alana Rizzo, Dodgers (SportsNet L.A.)
Eric Sondheimer, high school (LA36)
Kelli Tennant, Sparks, Galaxy sideline (TWC SportsNet)
Mike Trudell, Lakers sideline (TWC SportsNet)
The probable winner: Fox took it last year, as he should. Gubicza is a strong contender.  Rizzo, in this category, will rise to the top of the list soon as soon as more see her. Not sure why Nomar Garciaparra was left off here for Dodgers SportsNet LA. So was the Clippers’ Mike Smith. The Hershiser celebrity factor will play heavily here.

For sports talk radio show host, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Pete Arbogast, USC Trojan Brunch (710 KSPN)
Josh Brewster, Ducks post-game (830 KLAA)
Daryl Evans, Kings postgame (1150 KTLK/790 KABC)
Harvey Hyde, USC Trojan Brunch (710 KSPN)
John Ireland (710 KSPN)
Vic Jacobs (570 KLAC)
Marques Johnson (980 KFWB)
Max Kellerman (710 KSPN)
Kevin Kennedy, DodgerTalk (570 KLAC)
Mark Langston, Angels talk (830 KLAA)
Roger Lodge (830 KLAA)
Tomm Looney (570 KLAC)
Ben Maller (570 KLAC)
A Martinez, Lakers talk (710 KSPN)
Steve Mason (710 KSPN)
Jay Mohr (570 KLAC)
Nick Nickson, Kings talk (1150 KTLK/790 KABC)
Petros Papadakis (570 KLAC)
Bill Reiter (570 KLAC)
Fred Roggin (980 KFWB)
Jim Rome (980 KFWB)
Dave Shore, Lakers pregame (710 KSPN)
Matt “Money” Smith (570 KLAC)
Terry Smith, Angels talk (830 KLAA)
Mychal Thompson (710 KSPN)
David Vassegh, Dodgers Talk (570 KLAC)
Marcellus Wiley (710 KSPN)
Brett Winterble (980 KFWB)
George Wrighster (980 KFWB)
Jeanne Zelasko (980 KFWB)
The probable winner: Papadakis won it last year. Now that they recognize his name, it’s a lock for a repeat.That’s how they roll. Matt Smith, Wiley, Mason, Ireland, Nickson, Zelasko … all in the discussion. No Leeann Tweeden to consider?

For radio news anchor staff, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
KABC: Todd Donaho
KFI: Rich Marotta/Erin Vermeulen
KFWB (former): Ted Sobel, Bill Seward, Bob Harvey
KFWB (current): Ted Sobel, Sam Farber, Amy Bender, Pete Arbogast
KLAC: Vic Jacobs, Isaac Lowenkron, Tom Looney, Steve Desaegher, Eddie Garcia, Tim Cates, Deb Carson, Dan Beyer
KNX: Steve Grad, Randy Kerdoon, Chris Madsen, Joe Cala, Geoff Witcher
KSPN: Jeff Biggs, Dave Joseph, Pete Fox, Beto Duran
The probable winner:
Most of the voters may still think KFWB has its old crew still there, which won it last year. That’s a good enough bed for a repeat, even if KSPN and/KLAC demonstrate far more depth and a younger demo.

For TV anchor staff, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
KABC: Rob Fukuzaki, Curt Sandoval
KCBS/KCAL: Jim Hill, Gary Miller, Kristine Leahy, Siera Santos
KNBC: Fred Roggin, Mario Solis
KTLA: Derrin Horton, Rebecca Hall, Steve Hartman
KTTV: Liz Habib
TWC SportsNet: Chris McGee, Jamie Maggio, Kelli Tennant
SportsNet LA: John Hartung
The probable winner: KCBS/KCAL won it last year. When did you last see Hartman at Channel 5?

For TV pre- and post-game reporters/anchors, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Kevin Barnett, high school football (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
Greg Biggins, high school football (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
Alex Curry, Angels (Fox Sports West)
Jim Fox, Kings (Fox Sports West)
Kent French, Ducks, Angels (Prime Ticket)
Nomar Garciaparra, Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
Mark Gubicza, Angels (Fox Sports West)
Jerry Hairston Jr., Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
John Hartung, Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
Rahgshaun Haylock, high school football (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
Brian Hayward, Ducks (Prime)
Orel Hershiser, Dodgers (SportsNet LA)
Guy Hebert, Ducks (Prime Ticket)
Robert Horry, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
John Ireland, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Antawn Jamison, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Don MacLean, Clippers (Prime Ticket)
Jaime Maggio, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Chris McGee, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Dave Miller, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
Kyle Montgomery, Clippers (Prime Ticket)
Jose Mota, Angels (Fox Sports West)
Patrick O’Neal, Kings, Angels (Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket)
SeanO’Donnell, Kings (Fox Sports West)
Kristina Pink, Clippers (Prime Ticket)
Mark Rogondino, Clippers, Ducks (Prime Ticket)
Victor Rojas, Angels (Fox Sports West)
Jon Rosen, Kings (Fox Sports West)
Tim Salmon, Angels (Fox Sports West)
Kelli Tennant, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
James Worthy, Lakers (TWC SportsNet)
The probable winner: O’Neal won it last year. Good, safe bet for this category. But watch out for the Hershiser factor.

As for the foreign language group, which can’t promise to know much about:

For foreign language radio play-by-play, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Hipolito Gamboa, Chivas USA (690 XEWW)
Armando Garcia, Clippers (1330 KWKW)
Frenando Gonzalez, Lakers (1330 KWKW)
Rolando Gonzalez, Galaxy (1330 KWKW)
Jaime Jarrin, Dodgers (1020 KTNQ)
Rolando Nichols, Angels (1330 KWKW)
Jose Tolentino, Angels (1330 KWKW)
Pepe Yniguez, Dodgers (1020 KTNQ)

For foreign language TV play-by-play, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Ricardo Celis, Sparks (TWC Deportes)
Amaury Pi-Gonzales, Angels (Fox Sports Espanol)
Samuel Jacobo, Galaxy (TWC Deportes)
Jorge Jarrin, Dodgers (TWC Deportes)
Adrian Garcia Marquez, Lakers (TWC Deportes)

For foreign language radio color commentary, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Armando Aguayo, Galaxy (1330 KWKW)
Ignacio Castaneda, Clippers (1330 KWKW)
Rigo Cervantez, Chivas USA (690 XEWW)
Pepe Mantilla, Lakers (1330 KWKW)
Fernando Valenzuela, Dodgers (1020 KTNQ)

For foreign language TV color commentary, the SCSB candidates are (alphabetically):
Jose Mota, Angels (Fox Sports Espanol)
Francisco Pinto, Lakers (TWC Deportes)
Francisco X. Rivera, Sparks (TWC Deportes)
Pepe Sanchez, Lakers (TWC Deportes)
Elmur Souza, Galaxy (TWC Deportes)
Martin ‘El Pulpo’ Zuniga, Galaxy (TWC Deportes)

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