The baseball book review of 2015: 30 of them, waiting to get into the starting lineup

baseballabcIt’s not as simple as A, B, C the ball, hit the ball.
IMG_3155The process of assembling the new roster of baseball books that come out every spring (or close to it) may have become a bit easier — once you’re on the publisher’s radar, the begging lessens — but with that comes much more of a challenge. As the stack of review copies piles up, they aren’t enough days in April to get to them all, or do them each justice.
So you just trust your instinct, your own passion and knowing the  audience. This is a Dodgers-Angels market of interest first, and we’ll hit on those notes whenever possible.
The concentrated reading began months ago, as soon as some were available either through the publisher’s review copies or actually on the store shelves to embrace.
So for 2015, we can tell you already it’s typically biography heavy but not without some sweet diversions that will help us cast the net as wide as possible. The purpose is to let you know if what you see on the shelves is worth picking up, or maybe you had no idea it existed and we wanted to share.
That’s how this process has developed over the last few years.
(Hold on, we just looked it up to be sure, and even we’re surprised the first 30-for-30 books series we did was in 2008. That’s kind of insane. Seven years at 30 books each time equals time for another optometrist appointment)
There is a hesitation each too, about jumping into this deep end of this literary pool, but the adrenaline rush of holding another baseball-related book means the season is getting closer. It’s all too hard to resist now.
Starting April 1, with the new Tommy Lasorda book, we’ll post a review once a day through the month and then eventually rank them. Bios coming up are on Gil Hodges, Marvin Miller, Joe Black and Billy Martin. Historical books cover baseball during World War II and the 1981 split season. There’s also wiggle room for suggestions on things you may have come across.
== As a prep, read up this Q-and-A discussion we were part of with Ron Kaplan earlier this year.
== Thanks to Howard Cole for referring to our site in his new post about baseball books that are here or coming up, and ones to have from past years that related to baseball and business.

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