Vin Scully, and how Jonny Gomes once tangled with a wolf … with more tragedy to come

This clip from Monday’s SportsNet LA telecast of the Dodgers-Braves game has been getting a lot of replay because of the story Vin Scully tells about Atlanta’s Jonny Gomes’ encounter with a wolf once when he was 12.
“Jonny, to make the understatement of the day, has had a very tough life,” Scully said leading into the story during the fourth inning.
When Gomes came up a second time, Scully went into another story about Gomes — he was in a car with his best friend, with two girls up in the front seat. They supposedly flipped a coin to see who would sit where in the back seat. Then an accident occured, where Gomes’ best friend was killed.
Gomes apparantly had five near-death experiences in his life. With the Dodgers and Gomes set for two more appearances on SportsNet LA tonight and Wednesday, we thought we’d better give you a heads up. Tonight’s game is also on ESPN, but then again …

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