For the sake of an argument, Corey Seager could be the Dodgers’ 50th different shortstop since 2000

Perhaps Dodgers SS No. 50: Corey Seager.

Perhaps Dodgers SS No. 50: Corey Seager.

One of the things that Dodgers broadcasters like to point out whenever the team faces the Cincinnati Reds is a statistical fact that Charley Steiner decided to again mention on tonight’s telecast:
Between 1970 to 2004, the Cincinnati Reds basically used two shortstops — Dave Concepcion and Barry Larkin.
But since 2005, the Reds have used a whopping 31 different shortstops.
To drive that point home on the SportsNet LA coverage, a graphic came up on the screen — but then something new was revealed. Maybe those 31 shortstops were a lot for the Reds, but the Dodgers had plenty more — 39 of ’em, more than anyone else in baseball.
Why not make a bigger deal out of that Dodger oddity as the keys to the position may someday be handed over to Corey Seager as early as 2016?
For the sake of looking over the laundry list of history, here are those 39 different players who have played SS for the Dodgers since 2005 (with the number of new names in parenthesis):

5f7614d885289619f97445b5279b77f52005: (6)
Cesar Izturis
Oscar Robles
Jose Valentin
Mike Edwards
Antonio Perez
Norihiro Nakamura

2006: (3)
Rafael Furcal
Julio Lugo
Ramon Martinez

2007: (4)
Wilson Valdez
Chin-lung Hu
Tony Abreu
Wilson Betemit

nomar_bobble2008: (4)
Nomar Garciaparra
Angel Berroa
Luis Maza
Pablo Ozuna

2009: (2)
Blake DeWitt
Juan Castro

2010: (2)
Nick Green
Jamey Carroll

2011: (4)
Dee Gordon
Aaron Miles
Justin Sellers
Juan Uribe

mKfav-_cms-GIQEmuixbnRg2012 (4):
Hanley Ramirez
Jerry Hairston
Elian Herrera
Luis Cruz

2013: (2)
Nick Punto
Michael Young

2014: (6)
Erisbel Arreubarrena
Darwin Barney
Chone Figgins
Miguel Rojas
Carlos Triunfel
Justin Turner

2015: (2)
Jimmy Rollins
Kike Hernandez

If you go back to 2004, add two more: Jose Hernandez and Adrian Beltre (in addition to Izturis and Perez)
One more season back to 2003, add another two: Jolbert Caberra and Alex Cora (in addition to Izturis and Beltre)
Add 2002, add another: Jeff Reboulet (with Izturis and Cora)
Throw in 2001, toss in two more: Tim Bogar and Jeff Branson (with Cora, Reboulet and Beltre)
And go back to 2000, and there’s three more: Jose Vizcaino, Mark Grudzielanek and Kevin Elster (in addition to Cora, Beltre and Branson).
What does that mean? The Dodgers have had 49 shortstops since 2000. So far.
There’s at least one more month of 2015 to play to try to reach 50.

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