How ‘The League of Outsider Baseball’ continues to expand

sammy_t_hughes_big_zpserbavlpq If you’ve not got around to locating “The League of Outsider Baseball” by Gary Joseph Cieradkowski, which we still consider the pick of the bunch from last April’s annual baseball book reviews, please do that.
red_solomon_2_zpso2t9clblThen remind yourself to go to his Infinite Baseball Card website where he continues to post new biographies, the latest on Jake Atz, Red Solomon and Sammy T. Hughes (above).
Last month, Ciederadkowski was awarded the Tony Salin Award from the Pasadena-based Baseball Reliquary and wrote: “As far as I know there’s no higher recognition a baseball historian, writer or artist can receive than the Salin Award, and I am extremely humbled and proud of this achievement. I’ll post a picture of the award and a bit more about the 2015 ceremony in the near future, so stay tuned.”

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