What’s fair game with David Feherty’s future? NBC, maybe as soon as this weekend

There is no question about coming to David Feherty’s defense, on things he says, things he does, things that others think he’s doing.
fehertysI shared a banana split with him once at Bob’s Big Boy near the old “Tonight Show” location. I ran into him at an airport once in San Francisco during a massive flight delay and shared french fries with him.
We are intimate in that way.
But what appears to be happening now with his apparent abrupt departure from CBS’ PGA Tour coverage is that another network — NBC — has come calling.
He’s been wooed again.
Neither side wants to discuss a report this came down late Monday in the Sports Business Daily about why contract talks for a renewal seem to have broke off so fast. They’ve said his appearance last week at The Barclays in New Jersey was it for the network.
No farewells.
CBS says simply “No comment.” Feherty hasn’t responded to texts or cell phone calls on this end.
There is no question that the 57-year-old has become one of TV’s most distinct voices, not just on golf, but, as his “Feherty” Golf Channel series has proven, on life in general. He’s been part of CBS’ golf package the last 19 years, and, according to an early report by Golf.com, he may not even be aware of why he’s out. Others in Dallas, where Feherty lives, are also left to speculation.
CBS has no more events this season. NBC has the last four, starting with the Deutsche Bank in Boston this weekend. That’s followed by the BMW Championship in Lake Forest, Ill., and then the Tour Championship in Atlanta to end the FedEx Cup schedule. NBC also has the The President’s Cup in Korea in early October.
Simple logic from sources in the golf business and TV world is that as much as Feherty is beloved at CBS, the tidy NBC-Golf Channel package is where his future will be.
NBC is also covering the Ryder Cup, the 2016 Olympics and the British Open starting in 2017.
But for now, the more simple question: Is Feherty OK leaving CBS behind?

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