No more Jay Mohr? A Saturday LA show arrives

062513soloWe mentioned recently how lineup changes in the Dodgers’ new co-ownership of  KLAC-AM (570) resulted in hanging onto local programming, which meant somehow that Jay Mohr, hired two years ago as the morning drive replacement for Jim Rome, is now unceremoniously the odd-comic out of the L.A. airwaves. This is because Colin Cowherd joined the IHeartRadio team this week and started in the 9 a.m.-to-noon spot.
Hiring Mohr in the first place was a logical move for KLAC. But after moving him once already to noon-to-3 p.m., he’s expendable?
The Dodgers stipulation there be seven hours of local programming to promote their brand is why this musical chairs scenario has happened, and why Mohr, a national show, is moved out in L.A.
And, sure, it’s still on the stream. But Mohr has more to offer.
“Mohr Sports Los Angeles,” part of the Podcast One Network, is an hour-long L.A.-centric podcast launching on Saturday afternoons, also available on
It’s just him. No guests.
“And I’m not pulling any punches — it’s a super-deluxe R-rated show, as if I was doing stand-up,” Mohr said this week. “Stand-up is a service industry and I’m here to serve. I’m really excited to do this without a corporate clock, without restrictions, without a censor, just my ranting and raving lunatic love for Los Angeles sports. I’m fired up about this.”
Mohr said he understands how L.A. listeners must feel when an intimate friend on the radio somehow goes away without much explanation.
“These people did nothing wrong,” said Mohr. “What do you do? Go away? Or think of a way to service those people. L.A., I’ve got you covered.”

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