It’s Out of the Question: Why doesn’t Pete Rose take his duel with MLB to FanDuel? Or has he crapped out?

1219_SPO_LDN-L-QUESTIONS-1219Pete Rose went do-or-die and rolled the dice again.
What did he have to lose this time, except more of his dignity?
Putting every bit of hustle behind it, Rose must have been convinced the odds were in his favor of finally having an MLB lifetime ban lifted, one directly related to his longtime denial and eventual admittance that he bet on games when he managed the Cincinnati Reds.
There’s a new pit boss at the table, someone whom Rose could try to wheedle and hoodwink, hoping he didn’t have too many preconceived notions about his crossing-the-line past.
And the sugar cubes came up …
Wouldn’t Rose have a better chance cheating at a game of Yahtzee with Bernie Madoff as the latter awaits a parole hearing?
More questions that beg for answers at this link …

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