Kings’ Bob Miller update: If I’m not ready until next season, that’s what it will be

Kings broadcaster Bob Miller stands in a room filled with memorabilia in his West Hills home in 2012. (Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer)

Kings broadcaster Bob Miller stands in a room filled with memorabilia in his West Hills home in 2012. (Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer)

Watching the Kings recent games on TV might not be always easy on the heart, but that hasn’t stopped Bob Miller from having that be part of the rehab process as he is about three weeks removed from quadruple bypass surgery.
The 77-year-old Hockey Hall of Fame play-by-play man, whose chair in the Fox Sports West TV booth has been filled in by another Hockey Hall of Famer, Nick Nickson, said Wednesday from his West Hills home with a voice that was game-quality that  “things are progressing” and “I don’t really have any complaints.”
Doctors have advised him that this will be at least a three-month process before he’s able to return to the broadcasting booth — which would take things to end of the regular season and start of the playoffs. Miller would generally not be doing playoff games any way since the FSW broadcasts will end and taken over by NBC and NBCSN.

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“The Kings have told me not to come back until I feel ready, not to rush anything, and I will take advantage of that,” said Miller, who admits to having general soreness and the last of about 12 pounds from the surgery and rehab.
“If it’s not until next season, that’s what it will be. Right now I don’t believe I could even do one period without feeling exhausted. It’s the littlest things right now that can do that. I’ll get up, get dressed, have breakfast and then need to sleep for an hour.”
Consider what Miller has gone through: A recent annual checkup showed all was good with his heart. Then a calcium test showed there was a problem.
“The normal number for this is 400 — mine was 3,300,” said Miller, and an angogram was done at West Hills Hospital that found 90 percent blockage in four arteries.

Miller and wife, Judy, have been grateful for all the cards and flowers they have received, he said, especially from fans who might preface by saying: “You don’t know me, but I’ve been a Kings’ fan for 35 years and …”
Former Kings’ broadcaster partner Pete Weber, the current play-by-play man for the Nashville Predators, has also been collecting “get well” wishes on tape to send to Miller as he recovers. Some have been used on recent Kings’ telecasts.
“They’ve been such nice sentiments,” said Miller, who even got a gift basket from the Kings’ rival Anaheim Ducks. “From all over the country and from Canada. It’s unbelievable.”
Miller said he wasn’t able to catch the Kings’ 6-2 win at Arizona on Feb. 2, the first game back after the All-Star break — that was the date of his surgery performed at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai by Dr. Alfredo Trento, who Miller was told has performed more than 7,500 of these procedures and is known as “the Wayne Gretzky of heart surgeons.”
But Miller has been in front of the TV for every game since, including the 9-2 win in Boston on Feb. 9.
“I couldn’t believe that one,” said Miller. “I was in the hospital watching it, and for all the times we’ve gone there and been beaten, I was mad that I wasn’t there to enjoy it.
“Nick and Jimmy (Fox) have been doing a great job on the games and everything seems to be progressing smoothly.”


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  • Bill Gemberling

    Heal up completely Bob Miller!!!!
    We can all wait!!!!

  • Tom

    There really is no need to hurry him back, his health is the most important thing to him and the Kings. Enjoy a world without alarm clocks of having to be somewhere at a certain time. Come to a game as a spectator and enjoy a different seat for once.

    • Bob Coburn

      Good plan come back as one of the crowd and enjoy the game. Just get well !!!

  • Jerryatrick & The Hightops

    Thoughts and prayers get well soon

  • David Lay

    Love you Bob. Only voice I’ve ever known and now my son has ever known

  • William

    Best wishes to you, Bob. I hope you and all us Kings fans will see our team win another Stanley Cup about 4 months from now.GO KINGS GO! GO KINGS GO!
    A Kings fan since 1974

  • Katie Mocharnuk

    So glad everything is progressing well for Bob. Can’t wait to hear him again when we watch our boys play. Rest abs heal! #GoKingsGo

  • Steve McCarthy

    GET WELL BOB! Life is more important than calling games. We’ll miss you, but feel better knowing you’re on the road to recovery!

  • http://Google John Rodriguez

    Nick’s doing a great job in your stead but you will always be the best.
    See you soon Bob.

  • Steven Blaugh

    Get well, Bob. Thanks for all you have done-I credit you and you alone with drawing me in to the sport of hockey and the Kings, from the first time I heard a game against the mighty Canadiens from the Forum in 1977 and heard the excitement in your voice-I’ve been absolutely hooked ever since. Best wishes to you and family, and as someone already said, legends are worth waiting for. So again, best wishes and even more thanks!

  • John

    I miss you Bob – you are the best. My prayers are for a quick recovery!!!

  • Lydia Lopez

    Get well soon. Miss you as the voice of the Kings!