It’s Out of the Question: Measuring up the ‘Utley Rule’ slides around basic realities

0227_SPO_LDN-L-QUESTIONS-0227Wasn’t it Sam Cooke who first admitted: Don’t know what a slide rule is for?
Chase Utley might not know much about the history of breaking up a double play in baseball. Or know much about the geography of the “neighborhood play” at second base.
But try explaining the science, algebra and trigonometry used this week by Major League Baseball in crafting Rule 6.01(j) to a bunch of MLB graduate students.
For simplicity sake, this big-bang theory will go down as the “Utley Rule,” which is utterly “stupide,” if you pardon the French I took.
More at this link …

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  • Richard

    It’s my own educated guess, based in your article: [The Utley Rule (Feb 27)], that…
    • you’ve never played baseball, let alone a middle infielder,
    • are you trying to be like Krikorian?
    • <— because the use of the stupid dots in your article, [ala Doug, (pardon my French)] makes me anticipate humor…which when you make that attempt, falls shorter than Willie Stargell sliding into second…..
    • ( look it up, baseball guy)