Weekly media notes version 03.31.16: The confluence of the MLB openers, NCAA hoops titles, Kobe’s farewell tour … and a slew of books to get through

(l-r) cv, Jerry Weinstein and Mark Shah are at the board, with Jared Stacy behind them in the mobile broadcast truck. Time Warner Cable Sports covers Laker home games at Staples Center. On this night, the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 102-100in over time. Los Angeles, CA. March 30, 2016. (Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

Lakers game producer Mark Shah, right, next to director  Jerry Weinstein, work in the TWC Sports production truck during Wednesday’s game at Staples Center.  (Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

What’s made the Sunday column:

Along with the media beat writers and columnists who can claim to have documented  Kobe Bryant’s Lakers career for the last 20 years, there exists a unique group of cameramen, producers and directors going back to the team’s days on Prime Ticket, Fox Sports West and KCAL-Channel 9 — still immersed as members of the current TWC SportsNet crew — that have stories to tell.

Stage manager Dean Benson and cameraman Rusty Breslow get ready for a pre-game live shot for TWC SportsNet's coverage of the Lakers-Heat game on Wednesday at Staples Center. (Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

Stage manager Dean Benson and cameraman Rusty Breslow get ready for a pre-game live shot for TWC SportsNet’s coverage of the Lakers-Heat game on Wednesday at Staples Center. (Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

As for what they saw, remember and will be thinking about when Bryant plays his final game for the franchise on April 13, we hope we’ve captured some of that.

From TWC Sports executive producer Larry Meyers, coordinating producer Jared Stacy, game producer and director Mark Shah and Jerry Weinstein, to cameramen like Rusty Breslow, stage manager Dean Benson and audio man Antony Hurd, we’ve heard from them during the course of conversations before Wednesday’s Lakers-Heat game at Staples Center.

Here’s the result of it.

What’s worth posting here and now:

How many of these books make the cut? We're not even sure at this point.

How many of these books make the cut? We’re not even sure at this point.

== With the goal again to make sure readers have as much information going in each spring on the latest array of newly released baseball-related books, we’ve come to feel it is now more a privilege than a chore to keep this annual series of reviews alive and, for the most part, very real.
The launch is tomorrow, April 1 at noon. Starting with Jeff Passan’s “The Arm.”
Good to go through April 30, likely ending with the two latest Dodgers releases, “Dodgerland” by Michael Fallon (due for June 1) and “The Last Innocents” by Michael Leahy (due on May 3)
Thirty baseball books, one a day.
God speed and good vision care.
Going back to previous seasons of book choices and reviews:
= From 2015
= From 2014
= From 2013
= From 2012
= From 2011
= From 2010
= From 2009
= From 2008
= And an explanation we once gave as to why we even try this. And thanks again to some guidance from Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf.

(Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic via AP)

(Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic via AP)

== You really didn’t expect the Dodgers’ SportsNet L.A. thing to be resolved by Opening Day 2016, did you?
Then you aren’t disappointed.
No matter what is leaked out as the “sweetest” deal TWC is trying use to lure AT&T/DirecTV into ending this stalemate that started long before the 2014 season — and you may hear reports trickling out still– it continues to feel as if it will take a monumental shift in philosophy(and ego) from competing dish and cable companies to snuggle to to any SNLA agreement that doesn’t involve them having to explain a jump in their customer’s monthly bills.
The latest statement from TWC: “We’ve offered short-term deals and long-term deals, we’ve lowered the price by 30 percent we’ve asked for arbitration, we’ve offered to pay them the same thing they charge for their RSNs, we’ve told them we’d meet them anytime, anywhere to negotiate, and nothing has worked. They’ve rejected every offer we’ve made. We don’t believe they’re interested in carrying SportsNet LA, and fans should switch to Time Warner Cable, Charter or Bright House Networks if they want to see the Dodgers.”
(By the way, is it “low” for everyone to start playing the “Vin Scully Card” now as negotiations bog down and this is, as he says, his final year broadcasting?
Sorry, we thought that was the case back in March, 2014.)
The weekend of Dodgers-Angels exhibition games Thursday, Friday and Saturday on SNLA again feature a Vin Scully call. There’s also Victor Rojas back with Mark Gubicza on the FSW coverage.
CeFMpVhW0AAZc7kThe Dodgers’ opener Monday at 4 p.m. in San Diego has both ESPN (Dan Shulman, Aaron Boone, Jessica Mendoza and Buster Olney) and SNLA (Scully says he’ll be there).
Meanwhile, both ESPN2 (Karl Ravech, Dallas Braden, Tim Kurkjian and Buster Olney) and FSW have the Angels’ opener against the visiting Chicago Cubs on Monday at 7 p.m.
Buster Olney, at both the Dodgers’ game in San Diego and the Angels’ in Anaheim? That’s the plan.

== The Shulman-Boone-Mendoza team (with Olney) make their season debut for the ESPN Sunday Night opener — N.Y. Mets at Kansas City, 5:30 p.m. — which actually comes after St. Louis-Pittsburgh (Jon Sciambi, Rick Sutcliffe, Doug Glanville, ESPN, 10 a.m.) and Toronto-Tampa Bay (Dave Flemming, Curt Schilling, Eduardo Perez, ESPN2, 1 p.m.)
Monday’s games on ESPN include Houston-N.Y. Yankees (Sciambi, Sutcliffe, Glanville, 10 a.m.) and Seattle-Texas (Flemming, Schilling, Perez, 1 p.m.)

== Also note: The MLB Network has the Boston-Toronto exhibition games from Montreal on Friday (4 p.m.) and Saturday (10 a.m.) that will be played in Montreal and is expected to draw a combined 110,000 fans.

== Very cool piece by the San Diego Union-Tribune on Spanish-language play-by-play man Eduardo Ortega, the 52-year-old entering his 30th season. “Oh, he’s going to be in the Hall of Fame someday,” said Padres play-by-play man Dick Enberg, a Ford Frick broadcast  inductee in 2015. “He’s that good.”

== The TBS/CBS plan for covering Saturday’s NCAA basketball Final Four from Houston includes more a basic understanding again of where to find all the Turner channels on your cable or dish system.
That, and how to stay away from anything CBS puts on the air opposite of it.
mff_2016_fulclrTBS has both Oklahoma-Villanova (3:09 p.m. tipoff) followed by North Carolina-Syracuse (40 minutes after the first game ends). Jim Nantz calls it with (for the 26th straight time since taking over for Brent Musburger) with Grant Hill and Bill Raftery (calling his 34th tournament), and reporter Tracy Wolfson. They’ll also do Monday’s final (TBS, 6 p.m.) along with a revised version of “One Shining Moment” that TBS apparently figured it had to do since it was the channel’s moment to shine.
Three hours of pregame Saturday begins at noon delegating verbiage from hosts Ernie Johnson and Greg Gumbel with jibber-jabber from Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg, Reggie Miller, Seth Davis, Steve Smith and guest college coaches Tom Izzo and Kevin Ollie. Bill Walton is also scheduled to be part of the pregame.
During that time on Saturday, KCBS-Channel 2 counters with a sloshing of paid programming, a Dec. 4, 1984 episode of “Who’s The Boss?”, local and national news and even an 8-to-9 p.m. block that simply says on our menu as of earlier this week: “To Be Announced.”
It’s almost like they’re daring you to tune away from TBS to watch a major network collapse under its own lack of stuff.
Adding to that is the “Team Stream” options on TNT and truTV for those who want more team-centric reporting/hollering. Turner has done this in previous Final Fours, but this will be the first time it also carries over to the Monday finale — and the success of it measured in large party by which two teams advance.
IMG_0912Saturday’s breakdown: Sooners Sports TV play-by-play man Chad McKee is on the “Oklahoma” feed (TNT, 3 p.m.), with former Sooners player Eduardo Najera as the analyst and reporter Jessica Coody.
Westwood One play-by-play man and voice of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Scott Graham does the call on the “Villanova” feed (truTV, 3 p.m.) with former Villanova football (not basketball) player Brian Finneran as the analyst and Villanova alum Kacie McDonnell as the reporter.
The “North Carolina” feed (TNT, approx. 6:45 p.m.) has Fox Sports South’s Wes Durham on play-by-play (the son of Woody, who did Tar Heels sports for 40 years), with analyst and former North Carolina player Brendan Haywood and Dwayne Ballen as the reporter.
The “Syracuse” feed (truTV, approx. 6:45 p.m.) has (of course, a Syracuse grad) Tom Werme on play-by-play with former Orangemen player Roosevelt Bouie as the analyst and Donovan McNabb — yes, that Donovan McNabb — as the sideline reporter.
Seems like we all kind of buried the lead there, didn’t we?

Continue reading

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Play It Forward March 28-April 3: Four survive, millions more confused

Syracuse's Tyler Lydon was able to continue playing in Sunday's Midwest Regional final against Virginia. What other excuses did some teams have for not making it to the Final Four? (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Despite losing his left shoe at one point, Syracuse’s Tyler Lydon was able to continue playing in Sunday’s Midwest Regional final against Virginia. And the Orangemen continued on to the Final Four. No excuses necessary. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)


Details/TV: Saturday at Houston, 3 and approx. 5:30 p.m., TBS

Before the dance marathon sizes up the final four contestants, we need a short breather to assess how far we’ve come. Mainly, who didn’t make it this far? And why?
= No Pac-12 team. A stunner? Hardly. None have done so since UCLA was there in 2008. Oregon, the top seed in the West, carried the last surviving hope before stumbling against Oklahoma in the regional final – extending a streak where Pac-12 teams are 0-6 all-time in West Regional finals. The conference’s seven teams, carrying seeds of 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and a couple of 8s, ended up a combined 4-7.

Villanova coach Jay Wright allowed himself the moment to cut down the net after his team knocked off Kansas in the South Regional final on Saturday. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Villanova coach Jay Wright allowed himself the moment to cut down the net after his team knocked off Kansas in the South Regional final on Saturday. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

= No go for the No. 1 overall seed. Chalk up Kansas’ five-point loss to Villanova in the South Regional final as something we should have seen coming. The Jayhawks, with a dozen Big 12 Conference titles in a row, have been seeded 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1 and 3 the last eight years. Only once did they make the Final Four. Coach Bill Self might have only himself to blame. He has nine tournament losses to teams who were a worse seed than his team.
= Remember Michigan State? When the No. 2 seed in the Midwest (some believed the Big Ten champs deserved a No. 1) were nine points short in round one against 15-seed Middle Tennessee, the brackets actually laughed aloud. ESPN.com had more than 13 million entries in its online competition. After MSU’s loss, only three people still had perfect brackets. Michigan State was the favorite to go all the way by 22.3 percent of those who submitted a bracket. The team that had a higher favorability to win it all? Kansas, at 25 percent.
= No Duke. Not as if they were expected to, but when you’ve got Mike Krzyzewski’s know-how, you know, it’s not a real shock if the Blue Devils can find their way this far while blindfolded some years. Coach K seems to still be offering up various apologizes to anyone who’ll listen.
No need to apologize if you’ve lost a lot of interest in it by this point. It’s tough enough to keep track of what team is even in which conference any longer. (For example, Villanova is the eighth Big East team to make the Final Four in the last eight years, but it’s the only team still playing in the Big East. Think about that one).
You’ve perhaps gotten familiar with a few names of players, coaches and mascots. Don’t worry. By mid-April, it’ll so far off the radar.


The MLB season begins with a triple-header, capped on Sunday by New York Mets at Kansas City, the two teams last seen on Nov. 1 playing for the 2015 championship (ESPN, 5:30 p.m.) … The Dodgers and Angels’ exhibition series goes to Dodger Stadium on Thursday and Friday (7 p.m.) and to Angel Stadium on Saturday (6 p.m.) … The ISU World Figure Skating Championships land in Boston this week, with the ladies’ free final on Saturday (9 p.m., Channel 4) … More to see at this link.

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More Q and A with ‘Back from the Dead’ Bill Walton: Walking out on Sterling, UCLA’s current mess and son Luke’s coaching future

0327_SPO_LDN-L-MEDIA-0327In addition to this Q&A we have with Bill Walton to mark the release of his new book, we offer up these followups as well:

Q: So say you don’t like writing or talking about yourself. You could have written a book about someone else then.
A: Just finished incredibly inspirational book by David Axelrod called “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.” I’ve added it to my greatest book list. I am a believer in hope. Now I can say this. When I was down, I didn’t believe. I lost all hope.

Q: Of all the song lyrics that you use in your book – and it’s really the treat that seems to synch everything together – which ones apply to you best in moment-to-moment living?
A: I still hear messages from Coach Wooden. Every day, he had a new story, a new antidote. But it was really about how you were feeling that day. It’s like going to a Neil Young, or Bob Dylan or Grateful Dead concert. Going to church. You hear the message but you’re reception, and perception, is based on how you’re feeling. Right now? All from the Grateful Dead – “When you get confused, listen to the music play” (from “Franklin’s Tower”). There’s “We used to play for silver, now we play for life” (from “Jack Straw). Next one: “Once in a while, you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right” (from “Scarlet Begonias”). And finally: “It all rolls into one, and nothing comes for free” (from “Stella Blue”).
grateful-dead-channel-banner-siriusxmOne of the gigantic mistakes I made in my life was when my spine collapsed in February of ’08, I was down, so sick and feeling so bad, can’t think and can’t eat and can’t sleep and everything is broken. I failed to turn the music on. Today, I’m better, I have a handwritten sign in felt pen and it sits on my desk and it says “Turn the music on.” My mind is always racing. Lori (his wife) says it’s like a slot machine, no one knows where it’s rolling or where it will stop. I sit down to write or execute on my computer, that sign is always there. Sirius XM Satellite Radio Channel 23 – the Grateful Dead Channel. It’s always on.

walton-200-111129Q: One of the great stories you tell about actually walking away – you’re with the Clippers, they’re in L.A. now instead of San Diego, you want to leave, and Donald Sterling is giving you grief until you return a whole bunch of deferred money. You write that “it didn’t help that in L.A., the traffic, the dirt, the noise, the crowds, the pollution, the losing, and the failures were all beating me down.” Spoken like a true San Diegan. Was it worst dealing with Sterling or L.A. in general?
Well, you try not rank, rate or compare things. L.A. can be a very beautiful place, but I am a San Diegan and nothing good in my life could happen that would entice me to move from my home of the last 37 years. This is a dream come true to live my hometown. I just wish I had been able to deliver – my greatest professional failure was I couldn’t make the Clippers work.

Q: How do you assess what’s going on with UCLA’s basketball program? You didn’t speak ill of Coach Steve Alford in the same ways you did of Ben Howland before Alford came along. But they’re flying planes over the campus asking to get rid of Alford?
A: I am a proud, loyal and faithful Bruin and I’m hoping for the best. I want what’s best for UCLA. Just like I want what’s best for my sons and grandchildren – and one of our sons is in the middle of an historic and epic run right now with the Golden State Warriors. I want them to set every record, to win the championship and continue to play perfect basketball because I know what that’s like and how great that makes your life. It’s hard out there. When you’re young – Luke is 36 now (his birthday is Monday) – you have no idea how hard it is. When you’re 63 and you’ve been on the top with some of the greatest basketball ever and you’ve been at the bottom with some of the worst basketball ever, you know how tenuous and fragile it is.

151113120007-luke-walton-draymond-green-stephen-curry-golden-state-warriors-v-minnesota-timberwolves.1200x672Q: What would you like to see Luke do – stay as a Golden State assistant or take a head coaching job if it comes up with the Lakers?
A: I want what’s best for Luke Walton and I have three thoughts on that: Head coaching jobs are usually open for a reason. It doesn’t ever get better than what they have right now. And money can not buy what Luke Walton has right now. I also want to mention how proud I am of Ralph Lawler for getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I was so sad I couldn’t’ make it, but I’ve called him and congratulated him and told him how happy and proud I am for that.

Q: Right after you went into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1993, you came out with a book in ’94 called “Nothing But Net” – that was more than 20 years ago. Did you think that would be all that needed to be written about you?
A: I’m a different person. I didn’t write that first one (co-authored by Gene Wojciechowski). I wrote this one. Every word and all the editing on my end. And the audio version.
Q: So if this book is $27 and the CD is $39, which is the better value?
A: I hadn’t thought of that.
Q: There’s got to be more value in hearing you read this aloud.
A: I put everything I had into this project. It was very long. Go to the very last page of the book – “I am so looking forward to what’s next for me. I have been at this for far too long.”

Manny Carabell/Getty Images

Manny Carabell/Getty Images

== More on Walton:
= NPR’s Scott Simon has Walton on in perfect form during a Saturday conversation: “John Wooden, Jerry Garcia and Larry Bird are the same person.”
= Another Q and A with NBA.com
= From the Associated Press during the Pac-12 Tournament
= A couple more podcast interviews


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Weekly media notes version 03.24.16: A Champion move by ESPN, and we’ll see if TWC, HBO come out as champs with SNLA, ‘Hard Knocks’ plays

What’s planned for Sunday’s media feature:

IMG_5550Bill Walton.
New book.
Out this week.
“Back From The Dead.”
Or as the lyrics go in “Touch of Grey” by the Grateful Dead: “I will get by, I will survive …”
We attempt to survive a Q&A.
Just to see where it goes.
With hopes that the book lives long and prospers. As well as Walton.

What’s worth posting here and now:

Cari Champion on the set of SportsCenter (Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

Cari Champion on the set of SportsCenter (Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

== No need to ask Cari Champion twice about whether she’d be intrigued by a return to Los Angeles as an ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor.
The 40-year-old out of Pasadena High who got an English degree from UCLA, where she also studied mass communications and wrote for the Daily Bruin, is heading back to L.A. as the co-host of a new bi-coastal 9 a.m. PDT/noon EDT show that she’ll continue to do with current co-host David Lloyd.
As Lloyd stays in Bristol, Conn., Champion will be in the LA Live studios starting April 5. Her last show in the ESPN East Coast studios is Friday, April 1.
“When Rob King (ESPN’s senior VP of ‘SportsCenter’) asked me if was interesting in moving to L.A. for this new coast-to-coast show, I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Champion said Thursday afternoon. “This is what I’ve always hoped to do.”
What makes the move even more special is allowing her to be closer to her 86-year-old grandmother, Estelle, who lives in West L.A. and is described by Champion as the biggest Lakers fan that exists.

Champion on the onsite set of SportsCenter during coverage of the 2016 college football national championship in Glendale, Ariz. (Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)

Champion on the onsite set of SportsCenter during coverage of the 2016 college football national championship in Glendale, Ariz.
(Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)

Champion said her grandmother played basketball in the segregated South as a school girl, and when the family moved from Arkansas to Los Angeles, “she connected with the Lakers and growing up around her. It was a rite of passage to take the bus with her to the Forum and watch the Lakers and have her teach me the game. She taught me the game. So now this has come full circle.”
What makes this coast-to-coach version of “SportsCenter” work is acknowledging there are two different types of viewers for this particular episode: Ones who may still be getting up in the West and need a review of the night before, and those ready for lunch in the East and looking forward to the day ahead, as well as the news that has already happened.
“It’s all about updates and story-lines, conversation and making sure we cover all the topics and issues,” said Champion.
The former co-host/referee of ESPN2’s “First Take” also notes this show is “about conversation, not debate. This about talking to the viewers, now down at them, and having the freedom to be ourselves. There’s not a lot of prompter reading.”
The visual of Champion, who estimates that she stands about 6-foot-1 in her heels, and the 5-foot-8 Lloyd did make for some interesting TV as they both would be on the set mostly standing and talking together.
With the new setup, maybe they’ll actually get to have more eye-level contact from 2,000 miles apart.
“That’s the beauty of it, right?” laughed Champion.

Chaminade's Melissa Wright goes for a rebound against Sierra Canyon's Spencer Vinson and Shivon Ganther in the state regional semifinals. (Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

Chaminade’s Melissa Wright goes for a rebound against Sierra Canyon’s Spencer Vinson and Shivon Ganther in the state regional semifinals. (Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

== Barry Tompkins and Casey Jacobsen (with Kelli Tennant) have the call on both of Saturday’s CIF State Open Division title games — the boys’ Chino Hills-Concord De La Salle contest at 8 p.m. and the girls’ Chaminade-Miramonte game at 6 p.m. — for TWCSportsNet.
With no conflicting programming from the Lakers or Galaxy, all 12 games in the Thursday and Saturday event will be on TWC SportsNet as well as on TWC Community Channel website.
On Saturday, Quis-Murphy-Shiller have Division IV girls (Antelope Valley-Cardinal Newman) and boys (Harvard-Westlake vs. Palma, noon), and Division II girls title games. Tompkins-Jacobsen-Tennant have Division II boys (Long Beach Poly-Junipero Serra, 4 p.m.) as well as the Open Divisions.
For the rest of the Thursday’s games, Steve Quis has the Division I boys (Crespi-Berkeley) and girls title games at 8 p.m. and 6 p.m. respectively, as well as the Division III boys championship, with Jacobsen and Tennant. Tompkins has the Division V boys (St. Bernard-St. Joseph Notre Dame, noon) and girls championships and the Division III girls title game (Village Christian-Eastside College Prep) with Mary Murphy (and Drew Shiller sidelines).

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski watches during a practice at Honda Center in Anaheim on Wednesday. Duke plays against Oregon tonight in the West Regional semifinals. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski watches during a practice at Honda Center in Anaheim on Wednesday. Duke plays against Oregon tonight in the West Regional semifinals. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

== We now resume the NCAA men’s basketball tournament already in progress:
= Verne Lundquist and Jim Spanarkel (with Allie LaForce) is the team in Anaheim covering the West Regional semifinals and final, starting Thursday with Oklahoma-Texas A&M (4:30 p.m., TBS) and followed by Oregon-Duke (approx. 7 p.m., TBS).
(Did you know: LaForce, in her fourth year at this event on the Lundquist team, is married to Angels’ pitcher Joe Smith. And she won’t have to deal with UCLA’s Tony Parker).
Meanwhile, Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery (with Tracy Wolfson) are in Louisville for the South finalists — Villanova-Miami (4 p.m., Channel 2) and Kansas-Maryland (approx. 6:45 p.m., Channel 2).
Friday’s games: Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller and Dan Bonner (with Lewis Johnson) are in Chicago for the Midwest Regionals with Virginia-Iowa State (4 p.m., Channel 2) followed by Syracuse-Gonzaga (approx. 6:45 p.m., Channel 2). Brian Anderson and Steve Smith (with Dana Jacobson) are in Philadelphia for the East Regionals with Notre Dame-Wisconsin (4:20 p.m., TBS) and North Carolina-Indiana (approx. 7 p.m., TBS).
The two Elite Eight games on Saturday from the West and South air on Channel 2 at 3 and 5:30 p.m. The other two on Sunday from the Midwest and East on TBS at 3 and 5:30 p.m. (CBS, meanwhile, has the final of the Minnesota-Boston College NCAA women’s hockey final at 11 a.m.)

imrs.php== Craig Sager, the 62-year-old TNT sideline reporter who had been part of the NCAA tournament coverage a year ago, had this statement released on Tuesday if you missed it, related to the piece that HBO did on him for its current “Real Sports” episode:
“I’m grateful to HBO for telling my story and I’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.  I have acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive type of cancer. The typical prognosis is 3-6 months to live, but I would like to stress that is for a patient who is not receiving treatment.  Fortunately, I am receiving the best treatment in the world and I remain fully confident I will win this battle.  
“Again, I would like to thank everyone for your generosity and encouragement.  I sincerely appreciate it and it means so much to me and my family.  I look forward to continuing my work on the sidelines for Turner Sports.” Continue reading

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