The complete 30-for-30 2016 list of baseball book reviews

From the phenomenal artwork of Lusy Eldrige, available at

From the phenomenal artwork of Lucy Eldrige, available at

Arranged by the quality of the work that we tried to pass along in each review

Top shelf:
== Day 30: “Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-78 Dodgers,” by  Michael Fallon
== Day 29: “The Last Innocents: The Collision of the Turbulent Sixties and the Los Angeles Dodgers,” by Michael Leahy
== Day 27: The Grand Old Man of Baseball: Connie Mack in His Final Years, 1932-1956,” by Norman L. Macht
== Day 26: “Cuba’s Baseball Defectors: The Inside Story,” by Peter C. Bjarkman
== Day 22: “The Only Rule Is It Has to Work: Our Wild Experiment Building a New Kind of Baseball Team” by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller
== Day 11: “Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials” by Louis H. Schiff and Robert M. Jarvis
== Day 6: “God Almighty Hisself: The Life and Legacy of Dick Allen,” by Mitchell Nathanson
== Day 5: “The Selling of the Babe: The Deal that Changed Baseball and Created a Legend,” by Glenn Stout”
== Day 4: “The 50 Greatest Dodgers Games of All Time,” by J.P. Hoornstra
== Day 2: “Baseball Field Guide: An In-Depth Illustrated Guide to the Complete Rules of Baseball,” by Dan Formosa and Paul Hamburger
== Day 1: “The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports,” by Jeff Passan

Admirable effort:

== Day 25: “Change Up: How to Make the Great Game of Baseball Even Better,” by Buck Martinez
== Day 24: “The Betrayal: The 1919 World Series and the Birth of Modern Baseball,” by Charles Fountain
== Day 21: A list of baseball fiction including “Double Switch” by T.T. Monday, “The House of Daniel: A Novel of Miracles, Magic and Minor League Ball” by Harry Turtledove, “Bucky F*cking Dent” by David Duchovny and “Twinbill: Further Immersions in Historical Baseball Fiction” by Jeff Polman
== Day 18: “I’m Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies: Inside the Game We All Love,” by Tim Kurkjian
== Day 17: “The Little General: Gene Mauch, A Baseball Life” by Mel Proctor
== Day 13: “Baseball’s Power Shift: How the Players Union, the Fans and the Media Changed American Sports Culture,” by Krister Swanson
== Day 12: “The Great Baseball Revolt: The Rise and Fall of the 1890 Players League,” by Robert B. Ross
== Day 10: “Hometown Heroes: The Single Franchise Baseball Stars of the 20th Century,” by Clay Sigg

Thanks for playing:
== Day 28: “Weaponized Baseball: Declassified, Withheld Stories Reveal Baseball’s Hidden Role in Geopolitics, International Military Action, Mental Manipulation & Mass Distraction,” by Scott A. Rowan
== Day 20: “Baseball’s No-Hit Wonders: More than a Century of Pitching’s Greatest Feats” by Dirk Lammers
== Day 19: “Game 7, 1986: Failure and Triumph in the Biggest Game of My Life,” by Ron Darling
== Day 16: “The Dodgers and Me” by Leo Durocher (reissued from 1948)
== Day 15: “Jackie Robinson in Quotes: The Remarkable Life of Baseball’s Most Significant Player” by Danny Peary
== Day 8: “Baseball History for Kids: America at Bat from 1900 to Today,” by Richard Panchyk
== Day 7: “Baseball’s Game Changers: Icons, Record Breakers, Scandals, Sensational Series, and More,” by George Castle
== Day 3: “The Cardinals Way: How One Team Embraced Tradition and Moneyball at the Same Time,” by Howard Megdal

Teetering on the Mendoza line:
== Day 23: “Hairs vs. Squares: The Mustache Gang, the Big Red Machine, and the Tumultuous Summer of ’72,” by Ed Gruver
== Day 14: “Greatness in the Shadows: Larry Doby and the Integration of the American League” by Douglas M. Branson
== Day 9: “Finley Ball: How Two Baseball Outsiders Turned the Oakland A’s into a Dynasty and Changed the Game Forever,” by Nancy Finley

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