Sunday media: How the UFC Fight Pass tries to put its best interface forward

ufc-fight-passLAS VEGAS >> This is the unglamorous part of the Nevada desert where they still secretly test stuff.
Like, the UFC Fight Pass website, for example.
Just a bit West of the Vegas Strip, in a rather nondescript, soon-to-be-abandoned office complex behind an In-N-Out on Sahara Avenue, Eric Winter would not say he’s at a point where his patience is also being tested.
AR-160529501.jpg&maxh=400&maxw=667The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s senior VP, general manager and multi-media guru just wants to make sure that when the proper moment arrives, the subscriber-service website will have as many bugs as possible eliminated from hundreds of beta testers and ultimately remain true not just to its original launch claim in 2013 of being the “Netflix of the combat sports business” but also continue a revolutionary evolution in becoming something much more cutting edge.
“Like any company, you’re always iterating on your product, and we’ve got all these chefs in the kitchen putting their finger in sauce trying to see if we need more salt,” said Winter. “With the technology we have now, it needs to get better and it needs to get better for one, three, five years from now.”
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