Another priceless (and telling) moment from Vin Scully during Wednesday’s broadcast

FullSizeRenderThere was this moment before the fourth inning of Wednesday’s SportsNet LA telecast of the Dodgers-Rays game — as the simulcast was over, and the TV coverage resumed with a photo of Walter Alston, Walter O’Malley and Pee-Wee Reese as Vin Scully did the commercial reads over it, as happens on a regular basis.
But this year, SportsNet LA has been putting archival photos to jog Scully’s memory on times and dates and stories.
“Celebrating after the Dodgers clinched the pennant back in 1956 …” Scully began with this one, and then paused.
“And I say that and it just rolls off the tongue, right? And then it hits me — that’s 60 years ago. And you were there, dummy. You were right amongst them. Sixty years … I have nothing to say about yesterday. It’s incredible, everything now that I begin to talk about is 50 and 60 years ago. So it’s time to throw the net and bring ’em in.”

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