Vin Scully memories from the media: John Olguin

olguin1They have been Vin Scully’s colleagues in the Dodgers’ media-related front office.  As Scully heads into his final broadcast at San Francisco on Sunday, here are some more of their stories:

(Credit: Victorville Daily Press)

(Credit: Victorville Daily Press)

John Olguin, the VP of Communications with Chip Ganassi Racing, worked for the Dodgers from 1991 to 2005 as a vice president of public relations. He shares about Scully:

“I had the luxury of working with Vin for about 14 years with the Dodgers in a number of different capacities.  I started working with him as an intern and by the time I left as vice president of public relations.  When you grow up in Southern California you grow up listening to Vin so it is a little worrisome when you know you are going to finally get to meet him because you don’t want your bubble to be burst in case he is not everything that you hope he will be.  Well, the beauty of Vin Scully is that he is exactly what you think or hope he will be.  In fact, he is that and so much more.

It doesn’t matter if you are an intern, fan, executive, celebrity or anyone else – he treats everyone the same.  When he speaks to you, he has this ability to make you feel like you are the most important person in the world at that moment.  Nobody leaves a meeting with Vin without feeling great.  He has that much respect for everyone he comes in contact with.

“One fun memory for me was when I was an intern in 1991. ….

olguin“That season I worked the stadium scoreboard for some games.  In one particular game the visiting team scored on a close play at the plate that resulted in Tommy Lasorda coming out to argue the safe call.  I was just a recent college grad who was loving every minute of working for the Dodgers and watching the action down on the field and not paying much attention to what I was supposed to be doing.  Well, Lasorda subsequently gets tossed and the whole time Vin is describing the action to everyone including all of us in the booth where the scoreboard was operated. 
“Well, in all the commotion on the field I guess I had forgotten to update the scoreboard with the runs that had just scored. So in only the way that Vin can do, he says the following on the air: ‘In his own form of protest, the scoreboard operator stubbornly refuses to put the runs on the board.’
“Although I was embarrassed at the time, I look back at that as the time – VIN MENTIONED ME ON THE AIR – not by name of course but for a kid from Barstow, that was still pretty cool … at least in retrospect.

“Everyone knows that he has a command of the English language like no other.  He always finds the right words for any situation but always eloquent and succinct.  One thing that he often said when referring those of us that had the good fortune of working in Major League Baseball, ‘we all worked in the toy department of life’  For him it always seemed fun.  I have never forgotten that and think about it often.
“I feel extremely fortunate to have spent a lot of time at the stadium and on airplanes and bus rides with Vin.  He is a national treasure in every way.”

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