Vin Scully memories from the media: David Vassegh

vasseghThey have been Vin Scully’s colleagues in the Dodgers’ media-related front office, and as Scully approaches his final broadcast in San Francisco on Sunday, they have some stories to share:

David Vassegh has been at more Dodgers games in the last six years than any other member of the media as a reporter and post-game Dodgers Talk host for KLAC-AM (570). He shares these memories:

“Being a part of the Dodgers’ radio broadcast has been a dream of mine since I was a kid growing up in the San Fernando Valley, listening to Vin Scully while playing video games, or while doing my homework or in my bed at night when I was supposed to be asleep. In many ways, Vin Scully taught me the game of baseball.

“One of my first road trips in 2012 was to San Francisco and Vin was sitting in one of the first rows when I walked on the plane.  He smiled at me and said ‘Hi Dave!’ I couldn’t believe that he actually remembered my name.  It was so simple, yet so special because it was Vin. 

“On that same road trip we were on the bus from the hotel to the ballpark, and I was caught off guard by how cold it was in May in the Bay Area and I told Vin I went out to buy a jacket and he quoted Mark Twain: ‘The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.’ I had heard him quote Twain before on the air, but  to hear him say it in a personal conversation…That was amazing.

“A great sound before every Dodger home game for me happens approximately 3 p.m. when you hear Vin’s voice as he walks into the Press Box greeting the Press Box attendant, Mr. James Mims, and then walking into his booth to greet everyone in there. When I hear his voice each day it brings a smile to my face.

“It’s great going into Vin’s booth before the game and talking to Boyd (Robertson) and Robbie (Menschel), but what makes it even more special is sometimes I’m still in there when Vin walks in and I always want to rush out of there so I don’t interfere with his preparation.  Yet on my way out Vin will tell me, ‘You are welcome anytime and to come by more often’ I have to pinch myself as I am leaving (Of course I would never come around more, because I would just make a fool of myself.) 

“One of the great memories I’ll always have is interviewing Vin Scully, in his broadcast booth at Dodger Stadium, last year the day that he announced 2016 would be his 67th and final season calling Dodger games.  He sat in his normal seat and he pulled up the chair next to him.  Although I was very nervous, he made me feel so comfortable.

“I thanked him for his time before we started the interview and he reassured me it was no problem. He smiled at me with that smile that warms our hearts at the beginning of every open to his broadcast. 

“Its special when the man that you invite into your living room or into your car to be the soundtrack of your summers  your entire life turns out to be an even better man than you could have imagined.”

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