It’s Out of the Question: Who’s upset with Chief Wahoo? Indians’ logo goes before court of public opinion again

cropped_gettyimages-453254716What again is so, so wrong with the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo, the one that the World Series-bound team wears on their caps, uniforms, socks, pullover sweatshirts and whatever else it can sell out?
Oh, right. It’s the logo.
This red-faced character, which continues to be used with Little League teams across our country without much of a second thought, at least isn’t as cartoon-racist as that one from the late 1940s: Yellow-brownish face, exaggerated nose, wide grin and delightful rounded eyes. It’s also one of the hot T-shirt sellers of the so-called “Cooperstown Collection” in many online stores.
We actually picked one up during a trip to actual Cooperstown. Because, you know, it’s classic. Part of the game’s fabric. Appalling and appealing at the same time.
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