Sunday media: Undeniably, Joe Buck doesn’t mind his life as an open score book

Joe Buck's scorebook from Game 1 of the Dodgers-Cubs NLCS (@Buck on Twitter)

Joe Buck’s scorebook from Game 1 of the Dodgers-Cubs NLCS (@Buck on Twitter)

When the first excerpt came out last month of Joe Buck’s new autobiography, “Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad and the Things I’m Not Allowed to Say on TV” (Penguin/Random House/Dutton Books, 304 pages, $28), the focus went to an assertion that Buck was admitting to having an addiction to hair replacement therapy.
While not inaccurate, Buck said he was only joking about “an addiction” that led to vocal cord issues, which nearly led to his sports broadcasting career to get sidetracked.
51ppdw-5zdl-_sx329_bo1204203200_As is in today’s “media,” that story went to new levels of interpretation.
A story on the Fox News Health said that Buck was putting “cosmetic additions into the spotlight.”
It’s possible that a tremendous fear of hair loss and an addiction to hair plugs could be linked to both a self-esteem issue and external social influences, said sociologist Amnon Jacob Suissa, a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal who has studied different forms of addiction, including cosmetic surgery.
The story did also note that Suissa has not treated Buck.
Buck himself says he’s not getting any “treatment” for this “issue” either.
When we caught up with Buck to further explain what he was trying to accomplish with the book that has a Nov. 15 release, he was a bit more clear.
“This was not a story I was dying to tell,” said Buck, in Chicago for Fox’s coverage of the World Series involving the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. “It was the reason behind why I almost lost my career. There was a page taken out of the book and, by definition, makes it out of context, where I was joking about the plugs. It’s not like I was free-basing hair plugs in the corner of a party every weekend.
“I was just coming clean, and not looking for sympathy.”
Buck recalls the period where he went in for some hair transplant surgery and came out unable to talk because of the procedure involving a tube in his throat. As he was struggling with how to recover, he said he ran into actor Matthew McConaughey at a charity golf event.
“I told him what had happened, but really I was fishing around to see if he’d admit to having some work done,” said Buck. “Because, if he did, it’s a majestic head of hair. It’s not human. So I brought it up, and he said, ‘So what you’re saying Buckaroo, you fixed your video but (blanked) up your audio.’ It was hilarious. He summed it up perfectly and it was maybe the one time I laughed the entire year.”
At this link, Buck talks more about how his coverage of the World Series, the release of his new book and the ongoing series, “Undeniable With Joe Buck” on the DirecTV Audience Network puts him in a unique position in the sports media world at this time.
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