Play It Forward Dec. 19-25: Christmas, you say? Well, well, it’s Lakers-Clippers … shake a leg, Tiny Tim

aalakersThe NBA will market this Christmas Day Sunday as “The Most Dunktastic Time of the Year,” putting out some TV spots that include the Clippers’ Blake Griffin and the Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell jingling through it all. As if we need to be sold on NBA Christmas, the 12-hour holiday gift that keeps on giving something to watch on an NFL-light Sunday. Conversely, if you’re not part of this made-for-TV package, they you’re not on the national radar.
So, at the end of the day, after we’ve plowed through Boston at New York (9 a.m., ESPN), a Golden State at Cleveland rematch from last year’s final (11:30 a.m., Channel 7), Chicago at San Antonio (2 p.m., Channel 7) and Minnesota at Oklahoma City (5 p.m., ESPN) we get our geographically friendly Clippers-Lakers 7:30 p.m. game at Staples Center, ESPN and Spectrum SportsNet and Prime Ticket, for two teams that you can only hope haven’t overindulged on eggnog during the day-long gift exchange.
aaclipersOtherwise this could come out looking uglier than some of the Ugly Christmas sweaters the NBA actually also tries to sell this time of year as some sort of quirky thing to wear.
The league waited nearly two full months before making the two L.A. teams face off for the first of four scheduled meetings. Maybe it so each could find their footing before trying to claim hallway right-of-way protocol. The Clippers’ and Lakers’ records are, to this point, pretty much reversed, as sort of expected, except that Luke Walton’s team was probably better equipped to face Doc Rivers’ group earlier, before this December-not-to-Remember stretch happened. It’s the first time the Lakers are able to take their home court in weeks, having been banished (as well as the Clippers and Kings) because of a Disney ice show.
If something goes wrong here, the Lakers can consider regifting another loss to the Clippers when they meet again on Jan. 14, March 21 and April 1.
The rest of the week for the Lakers, Clippers, Rams, Kings, Ducks and about the worst schedule of college bowl games ever…

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