Sunday media: What happens in the next chapter of Jim Bouton’s ‘Ball Four’?

ap091007068496_sq-73fc8d84af80fa78cf898f6fbfe0bbf353fdd85a-s300-c85All spread out, it looks like the stuff your mom would have tossed away years ago having stumbled across it boxed in the back of a closet — right along with your baseball cards.
It’s much closer to an exhilarating archeological excavation. A sweet, hilarious and priceless insight into one the greatest sports books of all time that somehow has been preserved in pack-rat Jim Bouton’s storage unit for years.
Almost 50 years later, everything that went into the making of “Ball Four” was ready to be deciphered.
This had been lot No. #468 of an extensive winter sale conducted by Laguna Niguel’s SCP Auctions that began on Jan. 4, but it closed early Sunday morning without resolution.
The highest of 22 bids for what amounted to a bunch of notes scribbled on index cards, airline sickness bags and hotel stationery envelopes, a dozen old cassette tapes, stacks of typewritten sheets with corrections made in the margins, and threatening letters to stop production of the 1970 controversial piece of non-fiction was more than $300,000. But it failed to meet the auction house reserve number (which was not disclosed).
Now what happens?

More at this link.

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