Play It Forward Jan. 30-Feb. 5: An over/under of 58 sounds great for SB51

indexIf Sunday’s Super Bowl LI gets out of hand — and based on the way the NFL playoffs have played out to this point, it’s a distinct possibility — Fox might want to keep a copy of that Green Bay-Dallas 34-31 divisional game from Jan. 15 ready to load up. The playoffs so far have produced 10 games where the winner has an average margin of victory of 15.7 points, up from 11.3 last year.
Begging isn’t pretty either, but Victor Mather of the New York Times seemed to be OK with it when he wrote recently: “With the comfortable 19- and 23-point margins of victory in the conference championship games, the playoffs so far have underwhelmed viewers hoping for exciting finishes.
“Is it too much to ask for a competitive Super Bowl LI?”
New England and Atlanta, who kick it off at 3:30 p.m. on Fox, seem to present the best chance of it happening.
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