The art of Hollywood movie sports trading cards with Cuyler Smith

A display of the very cool Hollywood sports-related illustrations by Irvine-based graphic artist Cuyler Smith remains at the Gallery 1988 showroom (7021 Melrose Ave in L.A.) through Saturday. The pieces are available for purchase — and if you do a little research, they would make an outstanding unique gift for anyone on any occasion.
Smith’s work caught the eye this week of the Kansas City Star’s Pete Grathoff in a piece he posted Monday, which highlights some of Smith’s creative takes on how stars in sports-based movies might look if they were portrayed on trading cards.
Smith explained to Grathoff that the first card he created was on the Tom Hanks’ Jimmy Duggan character from “A League Of Their Own” for a Hanks-themed gallery show, and the portrait seemed to lend itself nicely as a baseball card. The response was great, so he kept doing it.
“Each card in the series is special to me, so it’s really hard to choose a favorite,” Smith told us Tuesday. “I have had ‘The Sandlot’ set planned for awhile if that helps. I am a huge movie fan especially sports films. ‘The Mighty Ducks’ movies even inspired me to play ice hockey when I was younger.
“The series has been a blast to work on. There are a few collectors that have every card I have ever made including my first which only had an edition of 20. I collected baseball cards as a child and it is amazing to see the series take off and gain a following.”
Smith said several of the new cards are very close to selling out at the Gallery as well. There some complete sets of the show still available as well as packs that include a special card or a previously sold out artist proof from last year’s show.
He said he has plans to continue the series but it’s “nothing that I can announce just yet. I would also like to thank the entire crew at Gallery1988 for all of their help and support with my work.”
Smith got his Bachelor of Fine Arts in animation from Laguna College of Art and Design and his masters in illustration from Cal State Fullerton.
For more info, find Smith on Twitter or Instagram as well as his website, where the artwork continues to be for sale.
Just our luck this Roy Hobbs card is already sold out.

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