Sunday media: Run, Rich. Really. Run …

These are the kinds of things that actually happen this time of year:

As a TV event, the NFL Combine may combine boredom with vicarious exercise, both amounting to nothing productive from achieving a personal best.
But the one element that may not get so tedious: Measuring yourself against NFL Network anchor host Rich Eisen in his own 40-yard sprint.
Just when you think this thing has run its course …
In 2012, Gregg Rosenthal of ProFootballTalk wrote: “We’ve read a few suggestions in the Twitterverse that NFL Network’s Rich Eisen’s annual forty-yard dash has grown overhyped. Like the Combine itself. My response: People will complain about anything. Relax.
“The glory of a man trying to beat six seconds while sprinting in a suit replete with a pocket square cannot be denied. There is no game film with which to evaluate Eisen. It’s all about the 40.
“Eisen’s annual trot marks the entire beginning and end of the athletic season, like a Super Bowl title being decided on the season’s opening kickoff.”
Eisen will try to top a person best of 5.94 set last year, in Year 12 of doing this, when he gets on the field in suit and tie again Sunday.
The NFL Network will air it Monday.
As has been the case in recent years, there is also a charity component to this for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
Read more at the official #RunRichRun site here. And at this press release about the run.
And here is the Sunday Media column about the run and how it has come to this point.

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