Sunday media Part 2: Post-Poet Depression in L.A. … how to pull out of the Scully Separation Skid

How do we validate feelings of Vin Scully Separation Anxiety as a real deal?
Is there a Post-Poet Depression messing with us?
Even if grief counselors aren’t available at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day, can we rationalize there’s no cure to be found in feeding our neurosis with a dozen Dodger Dogs smothered in onions and tears?
Dr. Randye J. Semple, who specializes in mindfulness-based therapy, depression, mood and anxiety disorders as an assistant professor at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, offered to help identify what’s going on here and how we get our heads and hearts around it.
“I would not put this into the category of separation in the anxiety realm at all, but more of what happens during bereavement, where there is depression and loss,” she said. “What you hear now is the way people talk when a favorite grandfather passes away, someone for whom we had a fondness and a connection. There has to be a grieving process.”
Good grief.
Here’s more at this link …

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