Monday media: Bob Miller ends it simply: “Good night and good bye”

Just before the start of the third period of Sunday’s Kings-Ducks game from Anaheim, Bob Miller and Jim Fox had kind words for each other in appreciation of each other’s work in the 27-year TV partnership.
“It’s tough,” said Fox about Miller’s retirement and about to call the last period of his broadcasting career, “but I’m OK with it because you got to call two Stanley Cups. If that had not happened, I’d just be devastated right now.”
“Well,” said Miller, with typical comedic timing, “if that hadn’t happened, I might still be working, too.”
Fox perhaps set the tone of the broadcast in the pregame show when he said he would be “mentally strong” during the game and remember “don’t be sad because it is ending, but be happy that it took place.”
More about Miller’s last call at this link.

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