It’s Out of the Question: How does Rolling Hills Country Club stay the course to make good on a Pac-12 promise?

One of the benefits of the Rolling Hills Country Club’s location is the views it gets of downtown L.A. and beyond from its bluff. This hole shows that view, but the course has been completely redesigned to have the new clubhouse get that view as well.

Pardon our dust, but …
What if we told you there’s about 160 acres of prime Southern California real estate undergoing a major overhaul, with the high-leveraged intent of planting a championship golf course drawn up by one of the hottest designers in the world these days, and very few know it’s even happening?
And despite the fact that at this moment it looks more like a Fred Flintstone rock quarry and could be a pain in the grass to keep it on schedule, the Pac 12 Conference has already committed to stage its men’s championship there a year from now?
Is that a Phi Beta Kappa move, for either party?
“All the infrastructure and grading is done and we control our own destiny at this point,” said Rolling Hills Country Club general manager Greg Sullivan after a golf-cart whip-around tour of what is still in the creation process on a bluff overlooking Pacific Coast Highway to one of the most gorgeous panoramic views of L.A. and beyond.
“The only issue at this point: Will it be open to play on Sept. 15 or 30?”
Or face more delays?
More on this at this link….

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