Sunday media: Who pays the price when ESPN overpays for sports? (Hint: You, then …)

“I heard it was coming like everyone and because what’s going on with our shows now, as we’re building it, I did feel somewhat safe,” Jeremy Schaap, who has spent about half his life at ESPN, a fixture on programming like the journalism-based “E60” and “Outside The Lines,” was telling us the other day.
“When you realize that if these guys are expendable, those women are expendable, then we all are in some way, right?”
Sorry if the “E” in ESPN now seems to represents “Expendables” or “Ex-Employees.” There’s no entertainment value in that.
Our educated explanation for why ESPN needed to downsize days before another stockholders’ earning share report and the trickle down effect it could have as it tries to reconfigure a new game plan.

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