(More than) 30 baseball books for 2017 we wanted to get to but …

By art student Matthis Grunsky in Halifax, NS, Canada.

In addition to the 30 baseball (and more) books we got through this last April, there are a few more titles that we actually did read, hoped to squeeze into the rotation, but for one reason or another – a late review copy, delayed release, there are no more than 30 days to do it, etc. – we regret not being able to include:

== “The Pride of the Yanikees: Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper and the Making of a Classic,” by Richard Sandomir (Hatchett Books, $27, 304 pages, due out June 13). We have actually read the book but plan for a more extensive review as it comes out to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the movie’s launch in 1942.

==  “Suicide Squeeze: Taylor Hooton, Rob Garibaldi and the Fight against Teenage Steroid Abuse,” by William C. Kashatus (Temple University Press, 256 pages, $35, released in January 23)

==  “Urban Shocker: Silent Hero of Baseball’s Golden Age,” by Steve Steinberg (University of Nebraska Press, 352 pages, $32.95, released April 1)

== “Almost Perfect: The Heartbreaking Pursuit of Pitching’s Holy Grail,” by Joe Cox (Lyons Press, 280 pages, $26.95, released Feb. 1)

== “Dick Allen: The Life and Times of a Baseball Immortal,” by William C. Kashautus (Schiffer, 288 pages, $29.99, to be released June 15)

== “Macho Row: The 1993 Phillies and Baseball’s Unwritten Code,” by William C. Kashatus (University of Nebraska Press, 384 pages, $27.95, released March 1)

== “The Cooperstown Casebook: Who’s In the Baseball Hall of Fame, Who Should Be In, and Who Should Pack their Plaques,” by Jay Jaffe (Thomas Dunne Books, 464 pages, $25.99, to be released July 25)

== “From the Dugouts to the Trenches: Baseball during the Great War,” by Jim Leeke (University of Nebraska Press, 272 pages, $32.95, released May 1)

== “Lou: 50 Years of Kicking Dirt, Playing Hard and Winning Big in the Sweet Spot of Baseball,” by Lou Pinella with Bill Madden (Harper, 352 pages, $27.99, to be released May 16)

== “No Bull: The Real Story of the Durham Bulls and the Rebirth of a Team and a City,” by Ron Morris (Baseball America, 300 pages, $22.95, to be released June 6)

== “Wonder Boy – The Story of Carl Scheib: The Youngest Player in American League History,” by Lawrence Knorr (Sunbury Press, 240 pages, $24.95, to be released May 26)

== “Baseball’s Roaring Twenties: A Decade of Legends, Characters and Diamond Adventures,” by Ronald T. Waldo (Littlefield, 290 pages, $38, released in April 21)

== “Fail Better: Why Baseball Matters,” by Mark Kingwell (Biblioasis, 304 pages, $16.95, to be released May 16)

== “Rock Solid: My Life In Baseball’s Fast Lane,” by Tim Raines with Alan Maimon (Triumph Books, 272 pages, $25.95, to be released June 1)

== “Papi: My Story,” by David Ortiz with Michael Holley (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 272 pages, $28, to be released May 16)

== “Baseball: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture,” second edition, by Edward Reilly and Charlie Vascellaro (ABC-CLIO, 450 pages, $89, to be released May 30)

== “I’m Keith Hernandez,” by Keith Hernandez (Little, Brown and Company, 320 pages, $28, to be released in October, 2017)

== “They Call Me Pudge: My Life Playing The Game I Love,” by Ivan Rodriguez with Jeff Sullivan (Triumph Books, 256 pages, $25.95, to be released in August, 2017)



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