Sunday media: The way ESPN reporter Shelley Smith, her mom and her daughter do it up on Mother’s Day

It’s not an atypical for ESPN reporter Shelley Smith to be on assignment on any given Mother’s Day Sunday – this year, she’s been dispatched to Oakland, covering the start of the NBA Western Conference finals.

The Mother’s Day Princess Di mug, as mentioned in the Sunday column.

Her own 81-year-old mom, Luanne, remains confined to her bed in suburban Denver, having been in hospice care recently for a variety of ailments. But there is comfort knowing that spending the day with her will be Smith’s one-and-only daughter, 31-year-old Dylann Tharp.
“I’ll miss that she’s not as close in proximity,” Smith said earlier this week of her now adult-sized kid, “but I’ll be glad she’s with my mom. That will make me happy.”
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More to read:
== Books authored by Smith:
= “Games Girls Play: Understanding and Guiding Young Female Athletes,” in 2001. Which included this in the acknowledgements: “Dylann has truly benefitted from playing sports and I am extremely proud of the way she’s handled the obstacles thrown at her. Becase of that, because of sports, she is stronger, more confident, responsible young woman. I wish this for every daughter.”
= “Just Give Me the Damn Ball!: The Fast Times and Hard Knocks of an NFL Rookie,” on Keyshawn Johnson, from 1997
== A 2007 feature on Dylann Tharp from the Daily Emerald as she played soccer at Oregon.
== A 2016 feature on Shelley Smith and Dylann Tharp from the V Foundation Newsletter.

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