It’s Out of the Question: The Trout Slip-n-Slide routine, as billboard material?

Looking at the big picture, Mike Trout knows the right way to slide.
Billboards don’t lie, and baseball irony doesn’t escape us. Thumbs up to both.
Months ago, the Angels invested in a large signage campaign around town showing their perennial MVP candidate going feet-first into something of substance … a few yards more, and he’d be in the middle of the 405/91 interchange.
No other caption is necessary, nor do we need any disclaimer that no franchise players were harmed in the creation of that outdoor marketing campaign.
The damage was done when the perennial MVP candidate went the other way into second base last week, and he needs at least another month to recover from surgery for a torn ligament in his left thumb.
The team has very little left to promote unless Albert Pujols hits another 600 homers over the next few weeks.
Billionaire billboard baron Arte Moreno, who sold off that company years ago and cashed in on Angels’ ownership, might be the kind of guy to demand a refund (see: Hamilton, Josh) but in this case, he should keep that Trout image up there add the tag line: Drive home safely.
Not to go slide-ways on this, but why is it again they call it a head-first slide? Inevitably, the player isn’t remotely using his head, or what’s inside of it, through the entire process.

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