It’s Out of the Question: From the point of view of your stadium seat, what’s common courtesy?

How to create your own social experiment: The next time you’re shifting around in your seat tying to watch a game at Dodger Stadium or Angel Stadium, and some late-arriving cluster of fans who fumble around with their printed-out tickets, maybe even contend that someone else is in their seats before realizing they’re lost, and end up blocking your view for what seems to be an eternity, raise your voice at them.
C’mon, we can’t see the game. You pick the volume of protest that least (or most) offends those you came to the game with.
Maybe this is where Newton’s third law comes in, about an equal and opposite reaction. The response could be a) pretend to ignore you, b) a sheepish pained smile, c) a defensive ;posture, maybe even a little snippy, about how they paid the same for these tickets just like you did, and/or d) an apology.
Why this even comes on our radar is because we ran flush into an usher at Petco Park in San Diego the other night, and in a profound moment of calibrating the situation, we were embarrassed by our behavior.
As we were about to stroll down an aisle in the middle of a Dodgers-Padres game, this cat with the straw hat was like the third-base coach giving us the “hold up” sign. Literally, it was a sign, implying that people below would really appreciate it if we took action to not interrupt the action.
It’s common sense and perhaps uncommon courtesy. And we need a sign to remind us of this? These days, perhaps.
So you’d think those who run Dodger Stadium or Angel Stadium might have the same impetus to promote fan experience/decorum? Is that not showing up on season-seat holder surveys? Or are they simply crazed enough by the boldness/cluelessness of the person two rows down who stands up just as Clayton Kershaw is about to deliver a pitch so they can take a selfie with him in the background?
We put it out on social media and because the impressions and engagements were substantial, here’s what we got (with editing as needed):
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